ALERT: Avoid Signature Mobile Services, LLC

I would definitely not give up. Get your money. They should have scheduled they earlier if they expected you to sign, scan and drop docs that late in the day. Our last pickup is 330pm near me. That’s not enough time to get back, scan and then fight traffic to get to drop location.

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I’m wondering why you would do that much work for only $65.00? But anyway, you should continue to try to collect. Next time if someone tells you you have to drop for next day arrival and it is that late tell them you can’t guarantee that.


It depends on the area…where I live its 4:45 pm for fedex and 4:30 for ups.

One suggestion for the next time you are tight for time on a late assignment. I usually call the client if something happens to possibly delay getting the package dropped in time for pick up. I let them know if I have to get the package scanned, it will mean the package won’t make the cutoff time for shipping. If they must have the package by the next day, they always waive the scanning for me. They are wanting to make sure you haven’t made an error. But only so this if you have already double-checked the package before leaving the table at the signing.

Where I live, rural area, last FedEx drop is 1pm and UPS is 2pm. If I see this insigning instructions, i always inform them drop will be next day as I’m not driving an additional 30 miles each way to drop in city.

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Here is my take on this:

  1. First, YOU chose to accept that type of signing for a low me. By taking it, you agreed to the terms. Have you looked through their payments terms at all? If not READ THE CONTRACT.

  2. Now, all of your drop off times! If you received the docs at 2pm for a closing at 3pm that is 30 mins away, you shoukd have been on time give or take 5 mins to this closing. It should take roughly 20 mins to sign a seller’s packet. You make it back home and scanback. That should still leave PLENTY of time to make the drop off unless you had another appointment right after. Most drop offs are late. For me, i know all of my locations and times. The actual FEDEX pr UPS store might close or have early times for last pickup, but my actual Shipping Centers are open until 8pm. If you knew that you werent going to make same day drop off, you should’ve let them know ahead of time.

  3. Funding delays were a result of your negligence to get docs dropped ON TIME. It doesnt matter the fact that you were signing the seller, it matters that those docs were not received in time (the next day). This error was caused by you the Notary, not the Lender. Because of this, the pay was $0, a full deduction. You have to read the terms from whoever gave you the signing. Some mistakes could cause you $5 deductions or more, but depending on the mistake made, you can cause yourself not to get paid.

  4. Same day drop is always better than scanbacks!

Thank you SO MUCH for this very valuable info!

Was there a page of fine print before you could access documents? Where you clicked agreed? If so you may have agreed to a zero fee if you didn’t make same day drop?
I personally know where I am there is a FedEx Hub that takes express up to 8pm M-F and the ups Hub also same times… m-f… Then the office suites FedEx up to 6pm m-f plus Saturday is by 2pm… These time frames are essential for same day finding, even if scans are used to prepare for buyers signature. I don’t want to sound like I’m siding with the Signing Service but we all know the fee on settle statements is the whole and we are 3rd party… Sellers are sensitive since their signatures must be completed before buyers legally… I definitely don’t agree to zero fee, but typically sellers only take 30 mins max and like I used to be if you don’t have a mobile scanner, sellers usually are small and your phone works great at the table… Do you have a FedEx print/ shop that’s close to you? Double check their time frames and commit to memory or write down on a white board in your car till you remember is my recommendation…
Best Wishes!

If you did not drop in the proper timeframe, this may be valid, but just a side note. You can expect this kind of behavior from anyone that offers you $65 for a seller. I don’t know why anyone is surprised that lowball SS’s find ways to pay people even less.


65.00 ? Gosh. Unless this was right next door to you. They get 190.00 for a phone call to you? Sorry if I am missing something.

Sellers docs must always be dropped off same day. Could be very well theTitles fault for not having the sellers sign earlier,…keep in mind rhey are busy. Normally, sellers sign a couple days before the borrower. Borrower has to meet their lock deadlines, seller can sign anytime.
They probably got the order same day, and you did your best to scan same day. Did they stipulate a time for scanbacks? Sometimes we drive the extra miles to get it in fed ex before they close.
Next time, research other areas for drop off,…do not use Walgreens or 3rd party,…go to the Fed Ex headquarters they normally stay open til 6:30pm. Best of luck,…you did your job, for without you they couldn’t have close. So go get your money!

This is where “reading the instructions” becomes very important. And I will start by stating I NEVER use drop boxes for the simple fact there is no proof in the chain of custody (receipt).
For example: “They want docs dropped the same day.” If they did not explicitly state no Walgreen’s, (or third party) they will get Walgreens (if I missed the carrier location drop off or too busy). My receipt will still show I dropped the docs the “same day.”
Now if the instructions state “docs must be dropped the same day for NEXT DAY DELIVERY?” I know I can’t use Walgreen’s or any other third party if I cant drop in time.
My point? I’m not here to make simple things complicated by “reading too much” into their instructions. I read and follow them verbatim. Nor am I here to “assume” what they want no more than I want them “assuming” what I want (like a fee).
I can’t tell you how many times a client changed the language in their instructions after stating my stance, which is “I simply followed your instructions!” It’s a “bitter-sweet” moment for them, but they get it!

While I appreciate your post, I can’t even fathom accepting an order for the amount of money you agreed to. You lost money taking this closing. You stated you traveled 30 mins each way and also had to do scan backs… Your time traveling, printing, scanning and dropping to ship all don’t give you a profit. Please know your worth!!! I would kindly write them an email and explain the details you’ve shared because you certainly need to be compensated for this closing. Good Luck!

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I would say read your contract on SnapDocs. If you failed to communicate the traffic portion of this would be a error on notary’s fault. So that would be your cost of doing business with this company. If you want to challenge the issue I would call them for additional clarification and ask your legal representative about the contact you entered. If you need a recommendation and want to know more you are welcome to contact me.

This can be so frustrating because almost all Fed Ex locations last pick up is noon or 3 pm. Only the hubs which are few and far between AND hours away, ship out at 5 pm or later. Yet this is our fault somehow. I am in Wa state and mostly Rural.

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call and ask if scans are needed let them know there is an additional fee