Certified Mobile Notary Service

Yeah they keep emailing me too, I also tell them to take me off their list I’ve even called and they won’t stop! She was trying to butter me up. I could smell the fake she was telling me all the way from where she said she was.

But hey if yall know a place that does promise that kind of work please share lol!! :slight_smile:

I read that people on the bbb got resolved. So hopefully that helps

I used them to get certified or tried to. This girl Kimberly messed up my stamp sent to the wrong address then my name was spelled wrong she still did not fix . All insurance and everything was wrong so I called my bank and explained to them what happened and they got me back my money and end the end she wanted more money from me to fix it all I told her to pound sand then had to do it all myself


Hi I’m replying back to you to clarify somethings since there is always 2 sides to a story not 1 since you are so quick to post our company is a scam to pay for well needed services that you ultimately will need.

The company has been in existence for 17 years now and is not a scam. We provide a variety of different services that cost fees associated based on your notary needs just so you know.

Everyone experience will be different from the next due to level of services we provide and will not reflect the next persons experience due to different situations involved.

Please do not let other peoples negative experience reflect who we are in a bad light because people tend to tell only 1 side of the story and not both to make the other person always look bad.

Any questions please feel free to contact us directly at 405-568-7539.

Shannon Jones

Hi Jeff or Jeffrey - You sent our staff member both names initially to use for your stamp and we have documents on file that show you correspondent that it’s okay to use either name we DO NOT make up names or random addresses. That is against company policy and the law.

We have to use the name on your notary commission when it comes to getting you a certified stamp in your name, insurance etc. and we can not use nicknames as such. We mailed the stamp to your home address on file on your application and did not send it to any wrong address. We corrected the stamp issue and shipped it out to you with your notary commission name.

Trust me when we are fault and no one is perfect in this world we take 100% full responsibility.

Any other questions please call us directly at 405-568-7539.

We will happy to assist you further.

Good for you, I just didn’t see them as professional, and just plain not nice, but I guess not everyone IS nice! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi Linda Roche,

According to our records you spent 47 mins on the phone with our agent as she helped you setup up your account in good faith with us. She did explain that after using our services that the fee is non refundable. You provided her all your billing information and agreed to our terms in conditions otherwise no account would have ever been setup with us.

We provided you with the full access details to our job platform and listed you in our business directory. Your services is still active and not terminated with us so not sure why you are saying that or feel that way.

All services were provided and rendered to you in good faith.

Any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.


Jeez Louise !!! Isn’t this blatant advertising of a competitive website??? Sorry, but so disrespectful of the admins here at Notary Cafe… Granted you offer more services than the Cafe does but you still link notaries to jobs…not very respectful. IMO

Just to be clear - I did not post this thread…

And this chat forum is for notaries - at least last I knew it was. Not signing services to push their agenda.

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Wow…some hefty prices there…sorry. Not interested

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Linda H…I have been receiving your back and forth posts because I was the one who started the post. I prefer not to get involved, but will in rare situations. I did earlier when someone was attacking another person about giving their credit card to your company. I prefer to be a positive person and don’t have the time or desire to be a part of negativity. I didn’t have an opinion on if it was acceptable for you to post/advertise your service. Until I read this post from you

“Whenever you are able to afford our signing service packages then feel free to sign up online”.

It was obvious that the use of “afford” was meant to be a slam, which I think was unprofessional.

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Sorry I think I used the wrong person (LindaH) in my post. It was for the representative from the service.

They did a number on me .The girl I was working with was as smart as a box of rocks . I have heard several people complained about here they swindled me out of 800.00 dollars I have been in business long enough to know those kind of people will get what is coming to them as for me live and learn. I am a notary and I do a very good job so on to the next closing


Hi, Shannon,
I did spend time on the phone with your agent, to whom I made perfectly clear I was hesitant to sign up, and she insisted I give her all of my CC info UP FRONT, saying it was only going to be run IF I DECIDED to go with the program. I did not. My bank has done their investigation and deemed that I acted in good faith and your company did not. I still don’t know why you are so inflexible. Perhaps if you were, people would get a better liking for your company – I may have even decided later on to go with your company.

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I did get my money back, and I hope they improve on their business operations, offerings, and prices.

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HI rochelinda4 - We only run transactions once you approve with us that you are going to use our services by phone and application in which you clearly did both. We do not take any card information upfront unless you have agreed to our terms and services that you are purchasing. It would NOT make any sense to take your card information upfront for when or if you want to use our services in the future because we do not offer any free trials.

We are always at our best rochelinda4 and stay improving our business operations, offering and prices.

Anything else please let us know.


Dear hr1;

I have no idea what your name is or who you are. I have taken the high road on this and except for my response below to your saying “we do not take any card info upfront unless you’ve agreed…” I am keeping any further comments off of NotaryCafe and have personally responded to “Shannon”.

Know this: that my bank investigated the situation and found your company was in error, and DID attempt to FRAUD ME of my money and got my money back to me speaks for itself. The proof was in the pudding.

I do wish you well, though. Perhaps a business protocol course would be helpful to all of you.

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Rochelinda4 - You willingly signed up for services with us which means you provided us all your application profile details, including your date of birth, social security #, card information as such but now you are saying WE tried to attempt to fraud you. We do not take name slandering comments lightly when you called our office and enrolled with our agent at your own will agreeing to purchase services in which you now received for free. No ma’am that is considered a FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY that we do not agree with. RIGHT is right and WRONG is wrong. Our collections department will be in contact with you to discuss the amount of money that you still owe to our company based on your account that you setup with us. I have nothing further to say in regards. Have a great day!

Wow. You just don’t stop, do you? I’m sure what you just wrote is going to endear others to you. You still haven’t identified yourself by name. Please accept this as formal written notification for you and your company to stop sending me threatening e-mails. Of course I gave you all my information - I probably shouldn’t have UNTIL I was ready to say yes. That you wouldn’t let me say “I’d rather not at this time” and kindly say to me, “Okay, why don’t you think about it for a day or two and get back with us. We are happy to answer more questions” You did not, you refused … my goodness, you had already run my card.

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