Coast 2 coast signing

im right here… just call me 909-525-8221 always the same number… all checks have been sent out.

Lisa Bittner

I did several signings for them. Not sure what the process is to get paid. Do I have to send them an invoice for each job? A couple of them were done in notary dash and a couple in snapdocs. Any guidance would be great!

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On your order confirmation do they have a email that you can reach out to someone? Or a phone number? They normally have that information on your confirmation sheet. Snapdocs cant help you concerning payments. I would put them on my list of company’s not to work for if they dont pay you.

Linda Anderson here, just commented on Lisa Bittner and Coast to Coast! Please read it

Do you work with C2C?

She owns that company

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Oh, okay. I have a question about receiving notifications. I was getting them at first via text and now they have stopped. I still get some in email though. Text works best for me since I can respond way more quickly than receiving them by email. I’ve checked my settings and my phone number is still there.

If you’re not getting them via text that means you were removed or deactivated from C2C. Send an email to Lisa to see what you did to get you deactivated. She’ll let you know.

This week I accepted a signing, only because it was very close to my house. They were paying $50 but did not tell me I would have to print 300 pages for an auto loan! I blocked them PERMENANTELY so I never received notifications from them again. On top of that, the lender admitted the signing was scheduled for the wrong day. I contacted C2C advised them of this an hour before I was suppose to leave and never heard from them until the next day. The person who reached out to me had the nerve to be rude and tell me I was a no show for the signing that day. I “politely” told them they never responded to my messages when I told THEM the signer rescheduled it for the next day.