Coast2Coast-Good or Bad

I believe this is their page on Better Business Bureau. People should start complaining.

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I’ve done 20 or more signings with C2C. They have paid me, no problem.

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I did 32 signing for them in 1 1/2 months, and so far I didn’t have any problem with them. Susie is very helpful, I get along with a lot of them. I go out of my way for people that are nice. Most of the time when you respond to pay is too low, then I let them know how much was my fee. I always consider the distance and the pages I print for the docs. Nothing bad to say about them…yet.


I’ve done a few for them and had no problems, pay was really good and had no problems.

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I’m doing the same. I’ve had 2 have not been paid as of yet.

I also try to take the ones within a few miles. I took my first one the other day in my town but it’s too soon to speak on timely pay.

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So, I wonder what makes your experience different from others? Its a serious question:-)

I have done 65+ signings from C2C in the past 2 months. They are low in fees, but they give newbies experience. I have not had any issues with them, and they pay right on time. I have requested an increase in fees, due to large package, long distance etc…90% of the time they agree. If they don’t and it isn’t feasible for me to conduct the signing, I don’t do it. Nothing personal, just business. I have spoken to many of the personnel and have not had any issues.

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I actually have had great experiences with them. Always fair, on time and nice. I did a lot of low ball stuff for them a few years back for experience and now that I have experience it has come full circle. Do the time and reap the rewards. It’s about building relationships. Just my 2 cents!

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I agree 100% Thanks for sharing.

I have done 4 signings with Coast2Coast. No invoice required they pay monthly so if you hit the cycle just right it could be 30 - 60 days. I have been paid for 3 still have one in que. Very easy signings. 11-14 page.

This has also happen to me as well with Coast2Coast! My rating for them bad!

That’s not worth even getting out of bed for.

That has been my experience as well. It depends on competition in your area whether they will raise their fee. If it is a distance thing and you explain time & miles, they might boost a bit too.

Welcome to the community. I learn a lot from the folks here. I have the same experience as you.

When you work with an agency who pays you only $30 for a signing, you need to calculate the mileage, gas, and time spent roundtrip, and if it is really worth $30.
Plus, you are paying for the cost of paper, toner, etc. Printing out approx. 127 pages (or more) plus a copy for the borrower and getting paid only $30, is not “cost effective” .

FYI the $30 deals are modifications, not full loan packages and not 127 pages. Still too low a fee even for those, a!l things considered, I.e., time, etc

They are okay. Pretty low in pay and don’t pay on time. I actually had a bad experience with an agent telling me I didn’t know what I was doing when they customer has frustrated beyond easily comforting them. I still do work with them if it is close but not my favorite company. They seem a little unorganized.

As a new CSA I did 4 Partial Claims, each one was very interesting. At the time is accepted the jobs because they were my first signings. They were short and give me the opportunity to get over the beginning gitters. Those 4 signings really claimed my nerves and nowI have done over 10 Refi’s and have 2 scheduled this week. I have been taking all assignments with dollars offered even though some have been at a loss. I am building my business and only experience can help me know what I should be charging to make money for myself and the industry norm.

My experience is that all companies have niche and I think C2C’s is Dollar General buy cheap sell cheap my wife use them for certain Items but other outlets for quality and reliability. My goal is to learn, learn and gain in experience so I can build on quality and be known as that type of agent and hopefully I will attach those types of customers.


That’s right! It’s a good start to build confidence and experience when you’re just starting out.