Commercial Real Estate Loans Require Higher Pay For Notaries Public

Lenders, Title Companies and Signing Services have been taking part of the Notary Signing Agent’s money for as long as I have been in business - they say that it is for locating us and administrative fees - some are more honest than others and the scum from the bottom of the coffee cup take the most they can get and give us the least, laughing all the way to the bank. We run our business and have to keep a close eye on numbers and I have turned down more junk low ballers lately than I have in a long time. I know who are the honest ones though and they appreciate me but still get some of the money. I just hate the ones that use my name as signing agent and put it on documents that others see that they pay me a higher amount when they did not. That really ices my coffee and I remember those especially. By the way, the borrowers see this $$$ amount and ask if we get that amount and I say NO and tell them what I really get so they can at least know the truth. I can tell them the truth and no one can stop me if they ask.


Thank you for your insight. It is appreciated.