Did my first IPEN today

Be wary - if you rely on your provider (Notarize, Signix, etc) to issue a certificate, you will be limited to their service.

Certificates issued by providers are not transferable, as opposed to a certificate issued by a firm such as Identrust.

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I just renewed my identrust certificate for the second time and had to go through the instructions and relearn how to renew again. This time I wrote instructions for myself so I can renew easily next October.

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What does an IPEN generally pay? What electronic equipment do you need?
Ipad or what? In my area, connectivity is always an issue, so what happens if you get to location and there is no connectivity? What are you paid if it can’t be done?

I use a chromebook and hook up to my Samsung phone’s hotspot. Make sure your digital certificate is on your browser. I charge regular signing fee minus printing fee.

I really have been debating getting myself a surface pro and signing up to do ipen. I already have my RON setup but many in my rural area aren’t biting on that yet for GNW so all I’d need now is my tablet. That said, what services assign Ipen. Escrowtab, snapdocs, signingorder? I want to be ready for the more digital world. I just wish more would do it in my area. I hate all this printing.

It is a massive pain to renew, but necessary. To reduce the headache, I get the two year term.

Great to hear. Im doing training for it tomorrow.
I asked about it a long time ago but was discouraged by a friend.