Find Legal Pros

Has anyone ever signed up for this connection? Apparently it is a database for notaries to get connected for notary work. Anyone use this service? It is $20 for base. Any comments will be appreciated.

IMO, delete. I do a few ‘legal signings’ a year’ (every one is different) and, thus far, I’ve been ‘found’ on one of the big 3 directories, including this one. But, if you do decide to pay to play, please do come back and let the community know whether or not you got any business from your listing.

Never paid to by listed. Use only free listings. When you pay them, you are the customer… $20 x 1000 = $20k See what I mean. Also when you pay, you show your desperate for work, now your vulnerable.

Good luck.

Not sure you are right. We pay here for membership and of course for some marketing. Yes, we have this very helpful forum, but some listings are just listings or have a different target.