First refi took 4 hours

As stated… it happens. That is also why they have their copy in hand. Most simply flip to the document they are signing to check numbers and move on.

If a signer is a line item reader you handing him/her/them their copy for reference is not encouraging them to read. They are going to do it anyway.

The point is to not have them handle the copy of the docs I need to walk out with & position myself to pace the signing.

If you find the opposite… don’t do it. Their is no definitive how-to for this other than make sure everything is correct by the end of the signing.

Stop letting worry & fear from your 1st experience shade your next few 100 - 1000 or you’ll stress yourself out of even wanting to get the experience you need to be more confident in what you do.

I’ve done that. I have one title company that has tons of their own docs that have to be notarized. What I do when I get a packet is I get out a black ink pen and fill in everything I can before hand, then when I show up by and large all they have to do is sign and occasionally date the doc, then I sign stamp after them and move onto the next doc. Then I double check my work and I’m out the door. When I start the signing I ask them if they have any questions they are unsure of and to tell me what it is, if I can’t answer it their I offer to call the LO & have them explain it, if I can’t get them on the phone I remind them of the 3 day RTC & to contact the LO in the morning. Doing your prep before the sit down is the greatest time saver I have.


I have found that packages that are 175 pages usually take about 1.25 hours. Add 15 minutes if the borrower has questions or wants to read each page. I have also found (through the many years) that engineer clients seem to want to read each page more than any other profession.

I always put the cd up front so that is the first document they see. That seems to be the deal breaker if there is going to be one.

The other people that said they get 175 pages done in 30 minutes I have no idea how that is possible unless they just flip ad point without any brief explanation at all. I have found that the borrowers seem to like a brief explanation (yes this can be done without practicing law) it seems to put them at ease.

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All you really need to do is say the title and a brief description of what the document is and have them sign. Be confident in your explanation and they will not need to read every page. Only go over docs that need a signature or initial. Everything does not need to be gone over as they have their own copy to look thru. Closing instructions, notary instructions, are not necessary to go over.

It is important to go over the documents before you arrive to familiarize yourself with them. The more you do, the quicker you will become.

It might have contained 177 pages with AKA’s, but only about 95 might need to be gone over or required signatures.

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Impossible to complete an effective loan document package in 25 min— if you do only take 25 min, you’re incomprehensible to the signers & they’ve asked you not 1 question.

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Wow! I mean no disrespect to anyone. I have been doing signings for 35 years, employed in escrow 15 years. I have experienced some lengthy signings, but never have I seen four hours!! That is exhausting for all involved.! Once you feel more comfortable it will go faster.! Review the docs prior to your arrival.! And assure the clients that they have 3 business days to review their docs and make a list of questions to discuss with their loan officer! Assuming your signing is a refinance!!

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I also give the signers the option of ‘plowing through’, signing everything and holding questions that require calling the lender/closing agent to the end. I give them a blank checklist to record their issues (and I make one myself). We then call and resolve the issues all at once, rather than delaying and messing up the momentum.

If we cannot get hold of the lender/closing agent at the end, the signer has the options of keeping the documents, asking they be held or destroyed, or permit the documents to be scanned/returned and resolve the issue with the lender themselves.


The more you do, the more comfortable you will be in explaining the documents. I have a solid 45 mins regardless of how many pages there are. I’ve practically memorize the types of documents in the package and I’ve also completed several trainings. Once I get the documents, I always look over them to see if there is anything different i.e. initials at the bottoms of certain pages. The signers have their packet and know and understand that in their own time they can read through everything.