For those of you who think RON is the answer, meet RON's future!

I just went through the entire RON certification and there are only 4 states allowed to do RON notaries and I am in one of them (Nevada). I believe this is the future of Notary signings, instead of running around trying to beat deadlines, getting the docs to UPS/FedEx in time…it’s fast and simple. I can notarize docs throughout the country and outside as long as the customers transaction relates to the customers case in the U.S. All this India stuff is non sense…is it less money? Yup, But, I can do many more signings in less time and make the same if not more then chasing my tail all over town for peanuts as well.

Hate to break the news to you, but your competitive market is much larger than 4 states - every state in the country, except California, has passed RON legislation. But best of luck with them


Notarize will hire only notaries from four states to do contract work with the signers they provide. My state WI, allows me to notarize for any person located within the US and foreign notarizations under limited circumstances from any platform I am authorized under.

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I was just approved by the state of PA to do IPEN & RON. I am still debating on the license to do so since it is a bit pricey. And the state gives you a list of vendors they approve.

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Correct…they passed it but, they are not implemented to do RON notaries, only certain states are actively doing it. Check with NNA. It will come…slowly to the rest of the country to be authorized to perform these notarizations.

I think its a little more complicated. Many more than 4 states have passed legislation. A few of those states have not implemented rules, so notaries can’t do RON yet, but there’s still a lot more than 4 who’s notaries can do RON right now. But Notarize has not taken the internal steps to set those states up so notarize can send assignments generated by customers calling Notarize to any states except the 4.

Notarize has a longer list where notaries can bring their own customers to the Notarize platform. That same longer list applies to businesses who want to do use an in-house notary and the Notarize platform.

I’m not seeing enough business to justify the RON start up cost. I’m finding the Law Firms I’m working for like the personal touch of an in-person engagement.

Its interesting that title companies are jumping on board (FATCO) for one to do these online notarizations. No more running around, willy nilly trying to get copies to FedEx in time…just sayin…

<<But, I can do many more signings in less time and make the same if not more then chasing my tail all over town for peanuts as well>>

So, essentially, you’re saying that either way, you’re working for peanuts? I think the greater question is why you (or any of us) is doing this at all. :slight_smile:

I don’t break my neck trying to make FedEx cutoffs. I will tell them ahead if it’s going to be a problem. Then they can decide if they still want me to do the signing or not…or if they REALLY need those scanbacks.

The Notaries have no back up, we need to contact NNA and all these companies that want to charge us a fee, Some one need to speak up for us, for instant I called NNA this morning and said " You encourage us to buy your product and your company have no idea where to use it" I wanted know
where or who could I get someone to notarize paper work for my daughter in another town, I though they would or should know, that’s selling a car with out wheels going know where, if anyone have any Idea’s what we should do as a group.
Two years a go for extra income was $44K, 2022 extra income was $13K, I feel sorry for those that left their Jobs looking for this to be better, what is happen and they know it new notaries are so glade to get a signing that they take it for less and that bend the rate down for all of us, The title companies want us to be loyal to them but they have no attention in reciprocating to the Notary. Who will stand for us?

Before I retired, managed notaries all over the US for where company had offices. Personnel would be transferred to multiple states for work. FAQ can I use my notary stamp in such and such state? 1st question is where are you licensed as a notary? 2nd question what state are you standing in currently? Usually response was NO. You notarize for state you are licensed in and some states have additional limitations. Hence, office staff would need to get licensed in state they were working. At times personnel lived on ships that could house 100 to 500 personnel for projects. Address could become an issue. So many variables. In the interim, US is selling property to many foreign countries.

I’m licensed in Florida and closed a line of credit in located Colorado.