General Notary work

Some people think that this is ALL you can charge for your services(FL: $10 and $30 for a marriage) The NNA told me that you can charge what you negotiate! - and this explains why you can get paid $250, possibly more, for a loan signing. My question is what do you call the rest of the charges? (in excess of the notarization chargeS)

I disagree that states regulate notary fees for tax reasons. I think the reason is that they want notary services to be available to the public at a reasonable price, combined with the tradition of setting fees for all sorts of government services. For example, in my state the fees that town clerks can charge are regulated. Or all kinds of stores sell Vermont hunting and fishing licenses, but they all have to charge the same amounts, and the state gives them a cut of the transaction for their trouble.

Thanks for all your input!

Can you please share the information with me as well. I have never heard of it. Thank You

If you’re in Florida, the pertinent statute is Fla. Stat. § 655.94(1)

New York allows $2.00 per notarial act!!! I charge a travel and time fee.