GNW , LSA and Field Inspections work well together

Thank you for sharing, i will love more information and help to get started on this.

Always happy to hello… what questions do you have…PM me

Hello, I’m brand new (and this is actually my first post on NotaryCafe!) so bear with me, but can you give some more detail as to what you mean by “a routing software program”? I’m pretty tech-savvy and the first thing that came to mind was something to do with a computer router that usually works with the modem. On second thought though, and on the heels of your comment about vehicles, maybe you were referring to software that can plan a route over several stops, perhaps even taking into account toll roads, traffic, etc. Was it one of these, or something else? Thanks in advance.

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Yes… it’s an app that I use to plan my route based on the criteria’s that I input…distance…time…etc. it’s a great way to maximize the time and distance you travel along with keeping track of your mileage

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The only companies I have seen only pay about $30.00.

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I have been paid up to $275 for an inspection…it’s all about asking for what you want and explaining the reasons for the increase… if they are desperate enough they will pay. The first offer came in at $50 but I calculated the distance and time and gave them my price.

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Must be the area because I won’t leave the house for under $50 and it has to be next door. If I had someone paying that, I’d go too.

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Great share. I just want to add that you can also add “process server” as another side gig as well. I know one particular notary who is extremely busy with her process server gig that she is putting her signing service on hold. She said she is making a good living doing that than being NSA right now.


You’re well trained:)

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Yes and no… they all have their automatic go to price which I have learned is really 10% of what they often get paid for the assignment. I have tested this theory each and every time and have coached others to do the same in different areas of the country and they have been successful as well.

I start with asking myself what is my min travel rate… using your numbers for example. If your rate is $50hr and they are asking me to travel to do a drive by inspect that is an hour away I charge them a flat $100 (travel time there and back) the inspect will take me less than 5 min with the report so I don’t even charge for that.

When I counter I explain that the additional fee is due to time and travel… again letting them know I can have it done quickly and accurately and I give them 24hrs to respond… I have a 75% success rate. But it starts with what companies are willing to negotiate… not all of them will.

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I am interest in making money as a field inspector.

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I just received my Inspector Cert and upon completion with NMFS it says for my county my Stand Inspection fees are only $6-10. How would you recommend charging so that it is worth while?

It comes down to two things… I don’t recognize the name of the company… but yes that is normal. Not all companies are willing to negotiate their fees and because of that I only work for a handful that does.

I would reach out to your vendor manager and simply ask them if they are negotiable on the fees. If they say yes that’s great if not… you may want to consider moving on.

The companies I work with will send out those low offers as well and if I can fit it in my schedule I will counter via their system or an email with the amount I am willing do complete the job for… ALWAYS COUNTER. Knowing ahead of time who will or will not adjust their fees ahead of time will prevent you from wasting your time.

I find if they are desperate enough or if it’s one that is not a standard order they will pay. When you counter give them a reason… ( travel time, complexity or turn around…pick one or all)

Good luck. I wish you were in my area as I could use some help….

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Just as an FYI… the person completing the route I showed above would be making approximately $75/hr.

But what State are you in? I did not see a route if you posted one but, interested in inspections if there were any companies that paid decent in this area. I am in SE Wisconsin if you know of any and would share that info, I would appreciate it.

I’m in Arizona and the areas that I mainly work in are remote locations and a few small Urban areas. The companies that I work with are all national companies. And if you use the search tools you will find all the information you need to possibly get started.

Hi love, would you mind sending me the company in which I can apply to do field inspections? I am in Az and would love this opportunity thank you so much