How busy are you?

And you? What is your location?

I received a lot of signings in April and turned down a lot because of the low fee offers. I took a number of low offers in the beginning to get experience ( I hope everyone on the forum does not jump all over me!) but now I negotiate my terms that make sense for the job (#pages, location, time, signers). Trying to take viable signings to make a profit means you have to be okay with saying “no” because you are running a business as well.


That is so amazing :clap:. I really admire your your ability to conduct these signings at such a high level. What listserves are you on? What companies do you typically work with? I am based in NC, and I am always looking for new ways to increase my business. I would love to learn more ways on how to increase my efficiency.

I only work part-time as Mobile Notary and my phone last week had phone calls and texts over 60 a day. I have even added $25 hazard pay to my fees and contractors are accepting. Many contractors are requiring Fidelity Approved Notary which I have been for years. Pacing myself ~ don’t need to send myself to early grave. Agree could be a $4,000 month working part-time. Craziness! :mask:


My maximum drive is 30-45 miles round trip including drop at FedEx. Since I’m a senior lady and working part-time, I work smarter and not harder and only serve my town or immediate neighboring towns areas. I own one double tray printer and one color printer. 2 lap tops and 2 cell phones. Sharp/Canon companies combined last year and can rent copier/printer for $200 month which includes setup, toner and service. That will be my next machine. Own 2 cell phones, $60/month fee and unlimited everything. Living in Pacific Northwest have found one cell phone will work in dense location and other will not so good safety precaution especially for maps in wooded areas.

The phone will not stop ringing… Arizona. My problem is, I will not accept last minute closings. It has been my experience in the last 20 years, last minute closings more than 85% of time have defects - that cause either a waste of my time - or - reschedule. I receive to many advance schedule calls to have that kind of headache. I have noticed though, with the “pandemic” and the rates being so low - things have really picked - along with mistakes from Lender’s and Title Companies. I always review the documents before going to a signing, and always let my lender know that it is my absolute policy to have the documents at least 12 hours before closing. Mainly because I the distance and travel time where I live in Arizona - I need a minimum of 1 hour travel time.

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Agree last minute requests are a pain. Number one and foremost I only work daylight hours. If request is for that day and not a reasonable time to print, I request appointment time change and they usually agree. This also allows me time to check docs for boo-boos. For someone’s lack of organization I will add short notice fee. People calling me know my work quality reputation and usually agree because they know they won’t have headaches. Many seniors in my areas served and as a fellow senior I know they like someone with patience. Always leave them smiling. :blush:

What signing company/companies are you working with?

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Wow! That is fantastic! I am fairly new at this and can’t seem to get offers over $125…mostly through SnapDocs and a couple of other sites. I made close to $2000 last month averaging about $90 per signing. What suggestion do you have for obtaining those higher paying requests?

Now that you are back doing closings after the Stay-at-Home order. What new safety steps are you taking when doing home closings?
Are you seating outdoor only? Wearing mask, shields, gloves?
Are the signers worry about you “visiting” their homes?
I am having problem/ anxiety getting back at accepting closings…Indiana.
I am more concern about going homes where signers are uptight, and nervous about having me there.

I understand your concerns. WA State peoples have same issues as IN State peoples as NY State Gov says, “We are all in this together.” At 70 years old have seen a lot and just use practical steps. When I confirm appointments, explain I will be wearing mask and gloves and if signers would like to do the same that is ok. Detail that we need a clean well lighted flat surface area inside the home and outside signing is ok. So far all has been inside and every one using safe practices. I also request that pets be placed in another room and if possible also children. Jury is still out if pets and children could be COVID carriers. Also cooperative in this regard. Also I have hand sanitizer in vehicle, extra PPE, plastic bags. When I return home, remove all my clothing and shower. I have a strong immune system and haven’t had flu in over 40 years and don’t easily catch bugs. I do take a supplement daily during this COVID crisis but don’t promote any product. I take Wellness Formula by Source Naturals (1 capsule) to promote personal immune system. Bottom line is if you don’t feel comfortable in your surroundings than you shouldn’t be there. I have been fortunate to that people I see are also using safe practices. Wishing you well.

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PLEASE tell me what you’re doing b/c I’m not very busy! I’m a new NSA, but several requests that I had were immediately rescheduled. How can I generate more business? Also, are you doing signings outside with masks/gloves?

where are you located. It is not the same in my area. I am trying to figure out how to attract more notary signings.

I’m in WA State Kitsap County. When you are a newbie, takes a while to build your client list ~ patience and hard work. My client list is 150+. I do some work for Snapdocs but know my worth and always end up negotiating price. Know your worth by calculating costs on average of a signing task which includes labor, materials, travel, COVID-19 PPE, etc. My client list includes Notary Contractors, Financial Institutions (such as banks, credit unions), Title and Real Estate Companies, Donations such as Make A Wish Foundation, and some Senior Housing locations (not full care senior facilities). I’m fortunate to live in a county that has a lot of space for growth and new home sales are up. Every Notary finds what works for them in their area. I always leave business cards at FedEx, UPS, US Postal Offices, banks etc. Word gets around. Good luck !


I see your texts come across. Your fees are too low. I’m in Bremerton 98310 and bottom line fee is $125 and I’m Fidelity approved. Only work daylight hours so totally ignore those late night appointments. There are a lot of bad scenarios that happen in the PNW driving in the dark during rainy weather, intoxicated drivers, and critters that you don’t see in dark until the last minute. We don’t have street lights like the big city folks. Wish all Notary Contractors would think about these situations when booking in this area. COVID-19 brings another expense and many safety precautions into the process. This is a military town and we have to use extra safety to protect those in uniform and front line workers trying to survive by refinancing. Please pass on these thoughts to your clients. Thank you.

I so agree with your statements. Know your worth and stand your ground. When you are a good efficient worker, the offers will come.

I’m in Colorado and it looks like these ladies are too? My friend in SFO became an NSA 2 months ago and has already completed 50 signings. I’m new, but ready, willing and able to go out and sign!

I am in Ohio. We are getting alot of refi"s. I have several questions I ask the borrower when I talk to them. Do you have a fever ( 2 borrowers said yes told title and they rescheduled) Do you have a cough or cold, Have you traveled outside country last 2 weeks, have you been around anyone that has symptoms of virus. I will only go inside house if they are handicap. Else wise I"ve done on garbage cans, hood of cars, table in garage. Borrowers appreciate the concerns and want to do it outside especially with children at home and I wear a mask. Stay safe and healthy all

@VIPnotaryCO That is amazing, I have been a bit busy as well but I need my numbers to be like yours.

Would you work on Sunday! If so, what would you charge for a refi for example? I accepted my first Sunday Closing for tomorrow morning and I only charged $100 more on top of my normal refi fee and there was no hesitation at all!
Maybe I’m charging too low to work on Sunday? :thinking:

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