How necessary is a dual tray printer?

Every assignment that I get states clearly to print on page on correct paper size… what am I missing?

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You can always get a epson 500w or a 400. That is the type of scanner that will let you scan the large and larger packages back if necessary. I have both scanners. One of them for home and one for my vehicle. Trying to use a scanner on something like a multifunction printer/scanner might not always scan both legal and letter at the same time. Hope this helps.


Are you in business or is this a hobby for you? :slight_smile: Invest in a dual tray printer and a good, fast, high memory scanner.
Time is $$$
If you add 15 minutes per signing on 4 a day, that is a wasted 20+ hours in time a month.

I have an epson es-300w mobile scanner: it has a multi-page document feeder I scan right from the signing table. It also scans id cards. One file, scanned to small travel laptop & uploaded to title company before I leave the table. Done.

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During the Refi peak I was running two dual tray Brother 6200s with a back up 5200 on the shelf. All of the parts were interchangeable to no loss of jobs should something break. I could run multiple print jobs at a time.

Now that business has slowed down the print demand has slowed. About the only business doc I print are for my older Tax Clients. Everyone else I handle virtually/electronically.

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