I need to upgrade my ENO insurance to 100,000

Wait… what’s the difference between E&O and Signing Agent Insurance?

No idea. I carry $100k of E&O because Fidelity requires it of independent Notary Signing Agents (but not of those listed as an approved subcontractor notary through a service). $25k was just fine up until then. Try reading those requirements again. Often you will discover that the $100k is actually a requirement for a SERVICE, not an independent notary who does not subcontract work to others.

If you purchase your 100K Policy when you renew your commission, Travelers Insurance fee for my entire 4 year term was only $170.00. Got mine through Notary Rotary. I’ve dealt with them for over 10 years. Awesome “Member Only” prices on ALL notary supplies. Love 'em!

Okay - better late than never I guess…my apologies:

Straight E&O Insurance covers errors you make AS A NOTARY - notarial errors in notarizing…not completing your cert right, not identifying the signers…notarizing when you shouldn’t…that sort of thing. Offers NO coverage for your actions, or errors, while doing loan signings

Signing Agent Insurance covers you for what you do with loan signings (and other package signings I would guess) and I believe also covers notarial errors.

Check with an agent to be positive. And again, sorry this took so long…I thought this question had been answered.

Hope this helps

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Your points and clarifications are very helpful, Michelle! I am a fairly new notary/signing agent and it was very useful for me to get some context about standard expectations in the field