Look out for scam calls as Notary Cafe

Hey everyone, I have received a call from 954 378 9138 claiming to be from Notary Cafe and offering me as preferred notary status in Ohio? Did any one of our community members has recently received such a call? I have found the questions asked by the caller suspicious. If you’ve had a similar experience or have any information about this, please let me know in the comments. It’s important to stay vigilant and protect ourselves against potential scams. Let’s work together to keep our community safe!

Yes - not me but someone here recently posted this same question - NC_Mike responded and said they were not from Notary Cafe and they were looking into it. Hopefully Mike will see this and respond.

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@NC_Mike Hi Mike, are you cognizant of this occurring?

This number was probably spoofed, because via a Google search it belongs to a 76-year-old male.

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Thank You, @LindaH-FL

NOTE: This was also reported previously for US Directory in a thread dated January of 2022 & with a new post 9 days ago.

Here is Mike’s reply:


I received the same call yesterday. Same # . Offered a top tier listing, free personal website that they would even help me set up for free. Seemed a little too good to be true. I got suspicious and told them I would call them back. But I never did. They have since called me back 5 times since then . I would not pickup and they would not leave a voicemail. I finally blocked the #.


Hi Everyone,

This is an ongoing issue that we have been battling for some time now. While it appears that they identify themselves as representatives of Notary Cafe over the phone, they are careful to only say that they “found your information on Notary Cafe,” in writing.

Lately, the caller identifies themselves as Alex Rodriguez, but they have also used Kim Lopez and other names.

If there is ever a question of our relationship with another company, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at support@notarycafe.com (for the fastest response), and we will be happy to clear up any confusion.

Notary Cafe Support

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I received that phone call yesterday. I should have known to hang up as I usually give you 2 seconds after saying hello to make a noise. Then I know it’s not a telemarketer.
This gentleman had a heavy accent and told me he was from Notary Cafe. I told him I already had an account wasn’t interested and I hung up. I didn’t give him time to sell me anything.