Low Ball Fees & FAQs

Thank you. Basically need to sell yourself as a business. My children have told me I’m quite chatty and have a gift for the BS but I backup with facts. My youngest son is an actor and is always having to sell himself during auditions. When he was performing in NY at Cult Comedy Show his skits were often, " My Mom…". Acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m about to put Coast to Coast out of business as well as notary Dash so they can take their $30 closing fees pack up their lunch and go home they are no payers.

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There has been a shift in notaries fees in the past 6 years. As business has slowed down due to interest rates, loans are getting harder to come by. That doesn’t mean to just take anything. I have had to replace equipment in the past year. In doing so, I can’t go with these $ 50-60.00 fees. The cost of paper, toner & gasoline has increased, but the fees are declining.

Like you I’m in my early 70s. I’ve been in this business for 11 years and I need to diversity due to the slow down.
I’m in Colorado. Do you mind sharing where you took your reverse mortgage class and who is sending you business.

My GNW business comes from in person marketing and people contacting me from my Google post. Many people are leaving WA or investing in homes in other states. Receive many requests for multi-state signings more than local loan document signings. My reputation of multi-state signings began with lenders, title, etc companies for military signings. I was doing reverse mortgage signings before getting certified. Many vendors have additional education posted on their websites and selected 4 for reverse mtg. Google shows Notary2Pro, Notary Rotary and more provide this education. Knowing area clientele and making them comfortable during signing process also gets me referrals and call backs for other signings. PNW rural area clients are kitchen table signings, full care facilities, hospital settings, professionals, millionaires and everything else in between. I’m comfortable in all settings regardless of income. Millionaires change their underwear just like everyone else :slightly_smiling_face: My attire adjusts to setting but always professional. My salt & pepper hair is welcoming to seniors. Always have a smile. I have seen other Notaries dropping off packages in FedEx, UPS, etc.in old cutoff jeans, dirty sneakers, multi colored hair, too much makeup and jewelry which I don’t think is professional. Professional attire can even be found in thrift stores. Wear sensible shoes. Heels in PNW get stuck in ground. When I go into full care facilities or medical facilities, have mask in one pocket to put on and business cards in other pocket. I have my laminated FAQs sheets in my brief case to hand out to administrative personnel in these facilities for future requests. Marketing produces the Benjamins.

Majority of time Notaries accepting low ball fees are working at a loss and will not survive. Bad thing is until they figure this out is creating bad trend for other long time professional Notaries. There are NO Notary training classes explaining business operations as a Notary. Jumping into this game without any type of business experience can be a very bad financial experience but in the interim these people are setting a precedent. NNA and ANA should publish helpful information regarding setting up Mobile Notary Business. Notary Cafe Forum is a good place to read experiences prior to getting into the business but others could also step up to the plate.

FYI Notary Rotary provides no education at all except that which is required for new notary commissioning. They don’t even provide assistance with commission renewal any more - only new commissions - at least that’s what I was told when I, in Florida, tried to go through them to renew my commission last June.


Im in southwest virginia. I was doing signings pre 2008 and then quit. Now in my late 70s im doing it again basically to get out of the house.

Ive received a lot of low ball offers but decided to decline all of them. If it doesnt pay 100 minimum then it wont be done by me. But someone in my area is accepting signings with scanbacks for 35.00. Dont know who but i see it at least twice per week.

I figure it like this. By the time youve invested in the training, insurance, laser printer and document scanner you have a substantial amount of time and cash involved.

I kinda think that the person accepting lowball jobs might be hoping to establish a foot print that will drive other notaries out of the business

I do wish them well and hope they will learn better before they go broke.

Best wishes to all. Enjoying a gorgeous spring day in the country

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Hi David SW VA ~ my son and extended family in Staunton VA. I see broadcasts from SnapDocs many lowball offers more than 2-3 a week. Newbies will figure out they are operating at a loss and will cease service. Fortunately, my history working with military personnel/vets helped me establish myself with title companies in AZ and TX where a lot of people in WA are purchasing property. Out of state requests keeping me busier than WA state signings. Signings begin at $100 to $125 and not a lot of docs. At 73 work part time because I like the work and keeps my brain cells active. Tai Chi for seniors keeps my soul at peace with changes in world that we have no control. Wishing you well and happiness David whatever decisions you make in life.

Thank you for your kind note. When i first started doing signings in 2002 i was living in palmyra which is just outside charlottesville.

Another lowball came to me today asking me to drive 47miles one way to do a signing with scan backs for 50. Then when i clicked on it someone else had taken it. This happened yesterday as well. Virtually the same scenario just a different location.

Im far enough along that i do not rely on signings for regular income. My primary interest is an escape from the golden girls

Best wishes

David Booth

Funny comment David. As we age never know when our time comes to an end. Need to find enjoyment in life every day. My daughter-in-law’s Dad lived his whole life in Staunton and was well know. At 66 he just retired late 2022 and bought himself a Harley. Jan 2023 diagnosed with pancreatic cancer same month his mother passed at 85. Feb 2023 he passed away. He was in great physical shape and shock to the family. I’m hoping to be around to see my granddaughter graduate from high school in 10 years and will consider that a gift. East coast is far away for visiting. Giving back by working with other seniors and Make A Wish foundation I feel like I’m giving back to community which makes me feel good. Have a good day ~ every day above ground :blush:

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HAHAHAHA!!! Okay, David, now that was a good one! :slight_smile:

I think this is a super idea and the idea of laminating it is smart. Thank you!

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“Wow, we’ve called half a dozen notaries and you’ve the first one that answered the phone”. With over a hundred newly commissioned notaries in a 5 mile radius of me one would not expect to hear that. What the caller doesn’t know is I receive 5 or more calls per day that are pure junk from random area codes all over the country. But I still answer them.

As most of you know Signing services rarely call, they text available opportunities that you have to respond to to find out the fee. Title companies do call and you quote your $250 fee and they say okay can you call the borrowers today? Yes, that really happens. All of the six figures earners have cultivated that rare connection.

Typically title finds me, on the numbers site. They know that the site owner, with a few controversial exceptions, is very particular about who he sells his placements to.

As luck would have it the loan signing business is transitioning to a buyer/seller/equity line/reverse mortgage market and the opportunities for notaries should soon pick up. What I fear is the notary’s fees which have been purposely reduced by signing services will be considered the new normal.

Those of you that look at this activity as an excuse to get out of the house are likely responsible for the low fees and all I can suggest is invest your time in a nonprofit, allowing the notaries that actually do this for a living to make a living wage.

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And there lies the dilemma. I’ve been doing this since August 2020, and I can count on 1 hand the times my counter offer was accepted, and my counters are not astronomical. Maybe $10 more. I think the SS thought process is, that if Newbies are willing to go back to have their mistakes corrected, why not hire them for $65 There has to be some explanation as to why experience is not coveted in this industry.

Think you mostly nailed it, Jack. Hire a newb who’ll do it at a loss to ‘prove themselves’; send 'em back until they get it right. Then find another newb & repeat the process…all while keeping 75-80% of fee title paid. There’s enough newbs and so little business, this is most likely the only way SS is staying in business these days.

Market keeps changing. Grass is always greener on other side of the fence. WA State recent increase of excise and capital gains creating situation where business on fence of moving out of state are moving forward. Techie layoffs in our state creates another scenario. AZ still stop state for my activity. Seniors selling property in AZ and moving back to WA. 40 to 50’s people moving to AZ. People losing jobs moving primarily to AZ, TX, NV. I have been working with SS, Title companies, etc. in these states for years and requests for signings have increased. Like Monopoly and seeing where roll of the dice takes us.