New company Timios

I’m in central California

Are you saying they send you personal e-mail requests for signings?

Well said Kenmig47. :slight_smile: They can be good, I worked with them a few years, only had one bad issue, they pay quickly, I don’t mind the $90 per signing, that’s usually 90 - 135 pages. If it goes more and is over 20 miles, they’ve always upped it quite well. I like Timios, good group to work with.

Why did these companies go to the “cattle call” method of hiring us? Did it used to be done in a different way? What happened? Do any of you actually work for or “get signings” directly from loan companies, banks, title companies?

They used to call…and answer every question you had as best they could. Exact address, approx pkg. size are my ‘criticals’. The whole conversation rarely took even a minute. With a few pleasantries being said while I mapped the location–quickly giving me mileage and travel time allowing me to give a profitable quote AND the reason/s for it, if necessary.

Most of the time, they agreed to fee & e-mail confirmation would bling in as we were hanging up or seconds after. As they may have had to call 1/2 dozen notaries–just to get one that answered, it was a time-consuming job where they probably agreed to a higher fee than they’d like just to get it done. Therefore, they figured out a more efficient and profitable way to make getting the job an auction for the lowest fee possible via automation. And the platforms with texts and e-mails sent to multiple notaries at once created ‘no info given/be quick & take it cheap and you’ll have work’ and there ya’ go–the rush to the bottom.

Most of my business is still via a call…sometimes even after running thru a VERY annoying series of ever-increasing offers via text/e-mail…before they decide ‘we need to talk’ (usually because my ‘default’ response is ‘assume the worst & price accordingly’–which usually is true) but, in this case, it’s really only a 4 page Deed, so, yes, I will reduce my fee by 10, 15, infrequently 20 bucks because it’s NOT a 200 page pkg X 2. They know I’m not a nut and just want a fair-to-all fee.

As to when…2-3 years ago and is so pervasive now that I really don’t like that part of the job much anymore, but am finally figuring out a way to stop it–at least slow it down–which probably won’t work for a newb or in an over-saturated area (which is why I’m not saying…as most readers are in one of those categories and the oldies have probably figured it out sooner than I).

I’ve never gotten a job ‘from’ a lender or bank, but have been requested by them. Work still comes thru TC & a few SS…about half thru the annoying platforms. The other half calls–(you know who you are & I THANK YOU profusely and appreciate you!)


Their pay is way low. They send signings in my area for $90. I can’t complete signings that low. The number of pages they send and the pay makes zero profit.

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They confirm an order then keep shopping it for a lower fee. If they get it, they cancel you.

It’s hard to get them to reply to emails as well.

I signed up with Timeos about 2 months and so far I haven’t received any signings from them.

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They send out flat low fee loans but you can call to ask for more after acceptance. Last one I did for them was a refi $150. It came in as a $90 refi.


I’m trying to register with them and found the form to apply, but it does not tell an email address where to mail it to. There is also a place to sign up for an account with them, but when you submit your information, it keeps returning an error. That seems pretty odd…