👎 Notary Dash and Prestige Notaries = Jennifer Glover = Notaries in Action Inc

Isn’t Jennifer also known as Jenn Owens? I was not part of this site yet when I took a job from them. They owe me for one signing. I have invoiced them (the ONLY signing service that I have ever had to invoice) emailed them for payment status and have been ignored. The only time I get a response is when i post my invoice to the order on NotaryDash. They quickly delete the invoice tell me to contact accounting. unbelievable.

Regrets, but I don’t know the answer to that question. Hopefully, someone here on the Notary Cafe forum will post a direct experience response.


Thank you for your help with this :slightly_smiling_face:

First American Title owes me too. Do you have contact info for them?

Hi, just reading and was wondering if you had an email from them at First American, or you recieved the order from another source, unusual to see them not pay or respond. Good luck in a resolution!

@Bling It’s sad that you are having problems getting paid from first American title. They have always been my favorite to do signings for. They pay fast and never low ball me.

I hesitate to accept assignments with Prestige notaries because each time I have to hunt my payment down by sending emails. I do eventually get paid, but never without first asking. They are a 40 plus days payment.

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I am currently involved in a signing/payment dispute with Notary Dash. Upon returning from home with the signing, I looked at the platform because I always do that and check the fee is still reflected, not the fee that we had agreed upon.
Their entire platform on this order is raging with comments from the owner Jenny, and the scheduler, also Jenny. I’m sure most of you are familiar with those names. I have not spoken directly with Jennifer the owner albeit she’s called, while I was on other calls that are completely unrelated to this situation, yes I do have a life outside of this particular order.
I went straight to TITLE and talked with them, and stated I would not scan the paperwork in until that fee was adjusted. So, I was at my other personal appt, and wrote this.
I’m home now, and headed to their platform to see what’s going on with this order! (Yes, I am still. In possession of the signers documents.) Hostage Holder that I are!
Side note, I as a ton of have commented, STILL have not been paid for previous jobs. I’m done with them. They are small players in this Notary world, I have plenty of other companies to work with. Respect is clearly not a motto of theirs.
That’s my day!

I’ve had them remove my post immediately when I did that, and was sent an email regarding my invoice. After today’s debacle, lol, her final post to me was that my invoice I sent them on November 1, would be paid according to their terms. Their terms, haha, I had to invoice orders from 3 months ago! Oh she’s all fired up at me now, and quite frankly I don’t give a rat’s rear end!! Her lashing comments just shows, don’t ever write emails when you are wrong and pissed off. It was a great example to take in to my business workshop of what Not to do as a business owner.

I’m curious what awards she’s touting in her self-promoted paragraphs? Narcissistic, Oh I think so.