Place to di Texas Cash sinnings

Hello All,

Happy Friday! I am based in Austin, Texas. Can someone advise how I can connect with a title company or law office that will allow me to do signings on their premises? Texas cash option requires that the signing is done in a title company and or attorney’s office.
I have a friend who rents a room from the title company when he is doing signings.
I received texas cash signings, but I cannot do them.
Thank you in advance.


Hey there! I would watch this video and the one that precedes it. Also, watch her 3 videos about becoming your title office’s preferred. The EO on there loves Texas notaries, offers her office, and loves to add notaries to her roster! Best wishes!

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Hi Tiffani,

Thank you so much for this information, I will review it. Have wonderful and blessed weekend.

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I love typos that properly spell other words…“Texas Cash sinnings” sounds funny. Have a great day!

You’re welcome! All the best to you! =)