Pricing for inflation

I think signing services should take that into consideration, everything is going up and offer NSA. more.
Gas, Printing paper, etc.

Irs milage is .585, just sharing.

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58.5 cents/mile for January 1 - June 30; IRS increased it to 62.5 cents/mile for July 1 - December 31.


Danger, Will Robinson, danger…

“Fed raises interest rates by 75-basis points in historic move to fight inflation”

Sad, we live in dangerous times:( recession may be unavoidable from what I read.

Totally agree. I did the same.

Do you see how many new notaries come every day and are being excited? That is because those who sells courses saying that there is no oversaturation, that there are plenty of jobs, just do not sit still, market yourself and take whatever comes yoir way. And if you try to tell the truth to a new notary, your message is being deleted or you are being attacked for being negative and discouraging.


(AZ) When I am out and about doing GNW it never fails people ask me how to get into this business. I don’t sugar coat anything. I tell them the good and the bad and give them an example of what a good day and what a bad day looks like.

California Notary Stats

There are currently 147,293* active notaries public in the state of California. There is 1 notary for every 269 California residents. The counties with the most and least notaries are Los Angeles county with 38,554 and Alpine county with 4 active notaries respectively.

*As of 06/15/2022

In Florida we are limited to $10 per stamp. The travel fee is up to us. Initial costs to start was a big surprise to me. I charge $20 for the firstn5 miles and it goes up from there

Mileage went up this year in California, now @ .62 I believe.

62.5 cents nationwide as of July 1 for the period July 1 through December 31, 2022…it is a federal issue regulated by the IRS

Keep in mind…that is just for tax deduction purposes. Also only applies to business use…other use remains the same (medical, charitable, etc)

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IMO, there are two types of notaries: those who will not start their car for less than a fixed amount (which appears to be you are one of those), which is OK. The other is the the notary who will not start their car unless they are making a PROFIT! That would be me, for the entire 11 years I have been doing this. I’m not saying $125 is not a fair rate, but what I am saying is now is the worst time to be “picky.” The demand is simply not out there, and there are way too many notaries who want to simply “profit” and keep their heads above water. So to respond to your post appropriately, yes, there is A LOT of people out there doing these transactions! If you want to fill your tank every time you go on a job, that is on you. Me? “Actual” expenses per job plus my profit margin. And if I can get that on a $75 job, then yeah, I’m that guy snatching it up!


I’ve been listening to my gut and that’s why I use Dr. Gundry’s probiotics :wink:

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You and I on the same page

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So do we need to record our mileage on June 30th?

When it happened last time, I recorded my ending mileage on 6/30 and re-started calculations from zero on 7/1.

Your tax or bookkeeping software should help sort it out at year-end. I used to keep paper records in conjunction with electronic (Quicken Home & Business).

I’m glad you mentioned this. I am researching the same, as I service 3 large counties. I am not driving an hour there and back for what I charge 20 minutes to and fro. Like it or not, I have to calculate down to the penny right now.

I refuse to do a full loan package with copies, scanbacks, plus milage! Never