Reporting taxes

I use Notary Gadget for accounting. It does all the math for you for tax reporting. Only $99 a year. It’s worth it.


@ashton Unfortunately sir, Yes your state also has a maximum fee that you can charge per notarization. Google “2020 Notary fees by state”.

Google is ok when you don’t know where to look. But I do know where to look, the law. The Vermont notary law does not impose any fee limits.

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@ashton I stand corrected sir (Thank you)

The following states do not have notary fees set by the law

Alaska- No fee schedule
Arkansas- No fee schedule, but the signer must agree to it in advance
Iowa- No fee schedule
Kansas- No fee schedule
Kentucky- No fee schedule
Louisiana- No fee schedule
Maine- No fee schedule
Massachusetts- No fee schedule
Puerto Rico- Fees vary depending on the act
Tennessee- No fee schedule, by $25 for RON
Vermont- No fee schedule


Arichter, do you have a sample spread sheet to share?

This was soooo helpful. Thank you