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I signed up with Notarize last year and I am in Florida. This was my experience at that time and these are my opinions. My goal was to get some experience with RON. The pay was $5 per notarization then. Not sure about now. For general notary work , you must be there awaiting the notice of an assignment and then be the first one to respond. I did this in the middle of weekdays and it was quite frustrating. Not my idea of how to efficiently use my time. On this platform, working with their customers, you are not responsible for storage. I did gain insight into the process. That was worth it and no cost to me. This year I began with a major title company for loan signings using a different platform that the title company pays for and they store all of the data.
I hope this information is somewhat helpful.

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Thank you for your reply.

I think what’s going on is what I’ve heard often throughout the posts - the market has become saturated with folks trying to “become a signing agent” so they can have a cush job being independent, etc. That thinking, and so many “agencies” offering you/us the way to do it, sign up with them, they will teach you, etc., take your money, but the CANNOT, simply can not GET you signings. So we’ve ended up with over 500 signing notaries, 350 of which are brand new, all competing for the same signings. I don’t think it’s this way everywhere, but I for sure have seen exact thing happen in Houston and five surrounding counties, and I’m a medium timer of say 8 years. It’s only in the past two years I’ve seen the glut of signing agents.


Well said Rochelinda4

Love your replies and advice as well.

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Hello Ivan,

I have been on Notarize for over a year now. If your are just looking to hop on for handling general notary work and work the hours you want to, Notarize is a good fit and there are other companies that do RON. My experience with Notarize is that their technology is hands down the easiest and least hassle free platform, and I tried 5 different platforms before settling on Notarize and DocVerify as my go to platforms. People mention the $5.00 fee, which is true. What they don’t tell you is that once you get efficient, you can handle 5-7 notarizations per hour. I have handled over 4000 notarizations and closing in the year I have been a RON. Add to that my operating expenses have been cut by $3-400 a month and it is a good fit for me.

I would agree with the others that there a number of forum discussions dealing with RON. I have posted on a number of them and would recommend you check the other postings. I hope this helps.

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I have a question about this - some of us have heard that Notarize pays $5 for the first notarization and $1 for each one thereafter (assuming they mean in the same transaction period) - is this true?

Thank you

That is also true for general notary work. I don’t know if that is because Notarize gives the customer a discount on multiple notarizations.

I have just recently signed up for Signix . I took one of the training courses. I am going to take it again as I am still confused on how it works and how I get & set up work thru them. Has anyone else used them? Tips and tricks much appreciated :slight_smile:

Heather (OHIO)

Covers notarize and other platforms as well as payscale.

Hello everyone. I posted this on one of the other forum links. Many of you might want to see what it looks like to do a RON transaction. I am including a link to a demonstration on the platform that I use for much of my notary work.

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I have a very similar situation and am trying to find a solution. It can definitely get exhausting. This is a google spreadsheet that I found that has some pretty good information on it. It lists the company, if its free or pay to play, what the cost is, if you are considered a contractor or employee. Let me know if it helps!

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