WARNING - NON-PAYMENT: Jellyfish Signings

Adam has been paid.

Take his advice with a grain of salt, coming from someone who called the SS client, FIVE TIMES on their PERSONAL CELL PHONE harassing them about “non-payment”

Check your inbox! It’s called an E-Check for a reason!

BTW, the client asked that he is never used again. No threats just the facts.

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good try man you only send me the payment after I called the client I send them multiple emails and no respond multiple phone calls and voicemail and no respond if you were worried about not calling the client you should have paid me way early I did close in for a back in September and did not get payment until dec even with the client telling me that they already told them to pay but he’s just holding the money I promise you I will never do any work with you and just so you know nobody works for free pay your bills on time


he only paid me after I call the client ask about my payment it was over four months he never answer the phone he never replied any of my emails about the payment I’m glad that you get your payment this kind of company they should never be in the service

he only paid after I call the clients threatening me that he will never use me again I’ll tell him you shouldn’t hold my payment for this long

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I believe it is more offensive that he was put in the position where he felt the need to pester the SS for payment. Whether you would personally go to the lengths he did in order to procure the agreed upon fee is beside the point. In the initial contact, the fee and terms of payment were agreed upon. No one should be forced to beg, hound, and harass in order to obtain a contractually obligated payment in a timely manner.


@hlwoizeschke Concur :100:


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Heyyyy didn’t know I apparently needed to join in this convo to get my payment. 88 days now. Emailed about 60 days, got a response they’ll look into it, no response to follow up email, no response to calls just keeps ringing. Fingers crossed. :smile:

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You can’t say much when there’s a bunch of us dealing with the same issue with you. These other notaries are not lying and you have some nerve getting on here leaving snarky comments to them when you don’t pay them until they complain on here. I’ve gone through every step trying to get paid like others have. 101 days now. It’s a sleazy business practice.


Jellyfish owes me $800 going back to October. After numerous phone calls and emails with no answers, I’m about to call all of the escrow offices there jobs came from and let them know. I myself, had to take another full time job because with the no pays and few notary agent signings I can’t pay my mortgage or car payment. I went out of my way to go above and beyond for this company even delivering docs to escrow office when I found out it was nearby. Meanwhile I’m being played for a sucker. I’m going to go out of my way to ensure that this company is reported to every legal entity possible unless I see payment immediately.

Sheila Arca

Ok Nathan, I’m calmly asking you why I haven’t been paid for my work with you starting in October 2022? Have I not taken care of your customers even traveling to an escrow office of my own free will when I saw they were only 30 min from me? You owe me $800.00. You’re not answering my calls or emails, here’s your chance to do the right thing and stand behind your claims of being a stand up company. I don’t want to have to take this to the next level but I will. Ponsey schemes are so 90’s.

Thank you

Posted on Behalf of Jellyfish Signings Owner:
This is not Nathan.
He is not able to reply.

Actually, email us (which you have yet to do) and we can handle this private matter, privately.

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I’ve emailed you multiple times already and received no response.

Supply me the email address you’d like me to email you at and I will again send all invoices to you for unpaid jobs.

In fact I’m emailing admin@jellyfishsignings.com now from each job so you will see what’s owed.

Flagged this post as it contains names of parties to the transaction other than the notary name.

Please note I have 2 unpaid notaries and this is the latest I got back from them in a email.

If we had the means to pay today we would.
We have also been underpaid from our clients and it working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Jellyfish Signings LLC”

I reached out to title months ago asking if they had an additional contact and explained the situation they looped Nathan into the email and asked him to pay me and still nothing and this is for a measly $75 from October as well I believe. I’ve sent multiple emails with final warnings and unanswered calls too. Can’t imagine waiting on $800!! Hope you get paid

I have the same problem with Jellyfish. I did one job for them in February. Have tried everything to get paid. I will never work for them again. We are held to certain standards, apparently they are not!!!