WARNING: NOTAROO - Long wait for payment

Agreed…wow. Good lesson for everyone, old and new alike - never never ever extend that much credit to any company. 3 unpaid signing invoices tops - til they pay up. If they don’t you still take a loss (if you don’t pursue) but not thousands.

Best of luck getting paid. May be time to send a certified letter, return receipt requested, with copies of all your invoices - that’s your basis for a small claims action.

So I finally received a response and they said I will be paid today! Also Let me clarify. I have 3 invoices that are 80 days over due. The remaining are 45-60 days so hopefully those will pay this week also. So frustrating to have to chase your money.

Thank you I sent an email to Notaroo today stating I was going to contact the title company and guess what! They said I will be paid today. Fingers crossed.

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Keep us posted. I’d like to know how this one turns out.

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Update: After I sent an email staying I would contact the Title company, I was paid the same day!
Thanks for all the suggestions.

Same here, that’s not acceptable.

Yes. Notaroo is very slow to pay, however, up til now, I’ve always been paid. Currently I have 3 awaiting pmt, at 88 days. No answer at Notaroo offices, not returning email messages. Not sure what to do at this point.

I had to recently pretty much cycle-dial them for a couple of days on an invoice heading to 90 days, about a month ago, finally got a live body on the phone and made my message clear and professional - check was sent a day later. Still received a few more offers from them after that, so pushing them did not dissuade them from still making offers. Prior to a month ago, I always received a check promptly at 60 days or when I reminded them at 60 if I had to, but always received it right away that point. Allegedly I am one of their “preferred” but haven’t seen any offers for now for weeks…maybe they are done? So many others are…best to stay on top of them and be the squeaky wheel (measured pressure), if you have outstanding fees, before the well runs dry.

So be persistent with them. I’ve had to constantly email them and mention how long it’s been (last two was almost 80 days). When I did this they paid me the same day. This was just 2 days ago.

Did you ever get paid?
I took one last week, not having seen this yet.

A happy Update!

Notaroo finally paid me today for the two orders I did for them. Paid both in full. The first was completed on 05/30 and the second on 06/13… just to give you an idea of how long it took for them to pay. And it was only after I sent them a final “demand” letter that I’d be turning it over to a collection agency if they failed to pay by 09/15. I sent that yesterday (08/31) and I got the Deluxe E-Check 1hr ago today (09/01).

So, there ya go. I still haven’t changed my mind though and I won’t work for them again.


@mag3_notary Congratulations! :partying_face::sparkler: Also, Thank You for your status update. :crown:


I too have done business with them and waited nearly 120 days before I was paid.
They are clearly a company that don’t understand business. How do you justify getting paid in 5-10 days from the Title company and having these ridiculous long waiting periods to pay $100-$150 on average to the notary that helped you make the money? These type of companies are egregious with their pay schedules and should be out of business in my personal opinion. :unamused: Oh, and to think many of them were NSAs first so it makes it even more disrespectful.

I’m kicking myself for forgetting, I recently did a signing for them, forgetting that I had them on my DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH LIST, due to my previous experiences when I was still in learning mode!!!

Here are other companies on MY LIST:
Cloud signings
Loan Pro Closings LPC Kentucky
& of course, Notaroo


What’s the risk to those companies if they welch on the payment? They count on us “small fries” not being able to (or not caring about) enforcing payment.After 90+ days, they count on us to not even remember that they owe us money… “Out of sight… Out of mind.” And they count on a sufficient available pool of “newbies” that don’t know about those practices to continue them. It poses no risk to them. I got them to move on my case only by harassing them, continuously, threatening them with “collection agency” efforts and writing to the title companies to advise them of the issue. That got their attention.

The only way to stop these people is just not to work for them anymore, and to reach the newbies quickly and warn them not to take those jobs, either. But if you’re new, poor, and just starting out, you’ll take these jobs and $20.00 fees, etc. We have to get to those newbies quickly and school them.

The other thing to do is to start networking and forging relationships directly with the title companies. and bypassing those signing services. A bit harder, but well worth the effort if successful.

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@dankel1one Thank You :partying_face: for sharing your direct experience. Concur :100: percent unprofessional, unacceptable, and unconscionable management of business Accounts Payable. :frowning:

Once you’ve added them to your phone Contacts List, Just add the term “No!” or “Non-Payment” before their business name. Many have found this technique to be very helpful. :gift:


@mag3_notary Concur :100: percent


There are a few out there that delay 45 days. When I look at the CD and see the Disbursement Date, I wonder why it takes them so long to payout. I understand if they hold out a week or so in case there is anything they need to get corrected. But wait until everything gets recorded and then some is just too much. These signing agencies get paid a few days after disbursement.

I see many comments about “they get paid several days after closing/disbursement…” here and in other threads and on other sites…let me say from the other side of the table

They get paid several days after closing/disbursement IF, and only IF, they are named on the CD - if not named on the CD and they are being paid out of the title company’s business operating account, that invoice for that closing may go into a pile to be paid out once per month. It also will depend on their agreement with the title companies.

That does not excuse the fact that the SS should have enough operating capital to pay notaries timely despite the agreements they’ve made - IMO if they need the money in order to pay their notaries they ought to be able to negotiate more favorable payment terms with the title companies.


@LindaH-FL Absolutely Concur :100: percent.

Also, many businesses (similar to businesses in this business sector) have established a payment term company policy within two weeks (14 calendar days).

Why (one might ask)?

For businesses within this business sector the out-of-pocket expenses are paid for on the date of the signing or are placed on a credit card. Of course, the payment is due to those creditors between 21-25 calendar day cycle each month. So, to avoid additional overhead (interest fees), it’s in your best interest to clearly delineate the payment turnaround time & express that you’re unable to extend credit beyond that time interval.


NOTE: This is one of the myriad ‘hidden’ costs of providing these business services as noted earlier today by @Arichter in her post as follows: