WARNING: Rapid notary

Hi! I did a notary signing that looked suspicious on Jan 31, 2022 for Adam Lupton - Speedy Sign Notary in Wilmington NC - I am going to go thru all channels to invoice this guy because he owes me $100 for paperwork that I still have in entirety. When I am done following my due diligence to try to get paid I am going to file a formal complaint because this guy is getting away with scamming unsuspecting people and us Notaries so you will here more from me on here and I will keep you posted. If anyone would like to go in with me on a group report to the States involved and the better business bureau please call me at 813-716-1032 my name is Linda Frezza - this guy will get busted - be sure of that!!! i already put one guy in prison for picking on old people in Florida at a nursing home so I have all the time to do this one too.

slbennettnotary… What is the email you send invoice to . I too have been I think scammed…

Sorry to hear you haven’t been paid yet. In my post I state…
Maybe you can e-mail the address above and see if you get a response. Hope this helps…and gets you paid :slightly_smiling_face:

Try and see if that works for you.