When signings go OFF THE RAILS...a cautionary tale

You must be a Saint! You went above and beyond and got abused by the client in the process. Kudos for handling it with as much grace as you did. Clearly, it was undeserved.

YEAH !! I REMEMBER MY SECOND SIGNING . REFI for 3 Plus hours. The guy had divorced or was in process and read every page to make sure his wifes name does not appear :slight_smile: Hmm… I had nothing else and sat back and enjoyed a latte …

WFG used to pay top dollars, and then went cheap, part outsourced, part pimped, part with inhouse contractors, who are given a max closing fee and they try to skim the top off to add to their pay.

If you look at the CD from WFG, the notary fee is listed as $250. They always try to low ball you. You should have gotten the full amount for that nightmare.

I had a similar situation in regard to a signer wanting to read EVERY WORD, as well as make a copy of Every paper she signed, despite having a copy of the whole package. It was a Refi.
I had gotten through the CD/ALTA/Note and was starting on the Mortgage when I realized I’d been there an hour already. (I normally complete a single signer refi in 45 minutes)
I did the spiel: “3 days to read and cancel…” but she insisted on reading every word. I was done. Called the company that gave me the job, told them I wasn’t going to be there till midnight and what how did they want to proceed?
He spoke to borrower on phone. Told her appointment was over and she could take the weekend to look over all the paperwork at her leisure and when ready- reschedule.
I LEFT. They called me when she rescheduled - I passed. I got the full fee for the appointment I went to.
Don’t waste your time in these circumstances- if they are reading every word with the first few pages, make it clear this is The Closing, signing is expected and if not, you are leaving as you have other appointments (whether you do or don’t) Call the appropriate parties from the table, explain and go.

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wow I have only once had someone read a few of the documents. I always wondered what I would do if they started reading the documents at the signing table. any suggestions to help when we get to the 4th or 5th document and see they are reading them, what can we say?

Here’s a video about how I handle “super readers.”

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