Why I haven’t received Signing yet

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Chelsea your reply was very helpful, I’m not commissioned yet as a CA notary but I’m realizing now just how much work goes into all of this.
I have a question, when you say GNW are you a business owner? Or, are you accepting signings from various agencies? I’m trying to figure out how to start as a notary, and I feel that starting out doing signings with GNW is best, then after I feel I’ve gained experience, start my own business still doing all types of docs, not just loan signings. Thank you for your time and advice!

I am a small business owner just as you are/will be once you become a notary, we work for ourselves as independent contractors. I accept loan signings from escrow/title companies and a few select signing services. Starting out with general notary work (GNW) is a smart decision unless you have experience with loan documents. There’s a lot that is involved with loan signings as well as a lot more overhead and responsibilities. The fee paid looks good but when you factor in the time and expense that’s involved with loan signings the profit margin quickly dwindles. Depending on where you live GNW can be much more lucrative. Take today for example - I have 4 appointments (yes, I work on Sundays) each one has a different number of notarizations but the minimum I’ll be paid is $65 which would take no more than 15 minutes. 1st appt is $125, 2nd is $100, 3rd is $110 and 4th is $80. I don’t have to print anything, just show up and notarize and move on to the next one. I’m much happier doing GNW. Advertising is the key to a full calendar. If you would like to ask any other questions please feel free to send me a private email and I’ll share my cell phone number with you. Or, you can google my name in the La Mesa, CA area and you’ll find my office number.
Hope this helps, good luck and don’t give up!


I’m SO happy to hear that you can still make a good income on GNW just as you described, that helps with motivation and determination after reading through all these threads. Thank you so much, really has helped me more than you know. I posted a thread with some questions but not sure if anyone will answer, i’ll email you (just 3 simple questions) if no one answers soon. I know you’re busy, thanks so much! :grin: :raised_hands:

Thank you so much for the informative feedback
Yes I have my EIN# , Business cards :white_check_mark:. And will definitely visits these locations weekly with Business cards I tote

I am fairly new as well. I became a notary 9/21 and a LSA 4/22 prior I had not gotten any business either(GNW). I was also told its over, you missed the money boat etc. and I am still being told this. Well what helped me is that I didn’t listen to that about I missed the money, and I signed up on FB to some notary groups. I ask a lot of questions even the so called stupid ones. I signed up with SnapDocs.(it took a min before i got selected)you will notifications but sometimes not the assignments. I was told to sign up with at least 100 companies to start. I am still working on that. I started putting out note cards with all my information on it for GNW schools,colleges, jail, hospital etc. I was in the parking lot at UPS store, got notary work there cause the notary was not in, I handed them a card. Signings are slow and it doesn’t help if you area is saturated. You could try also marketing as a mobile notary for GNW, that way you can charge travel fees.(if your state permits it) So in my experience you’ll need to market yourself like crazy, sign up with as many companies as possible and find a good support group that helps you. Personal I hate when experienced notaries zap the excitement out of you when you first start. Some are genuine and just want to save you some time/money and others well… I leave that at that. I am still new and learning so I by no means I know everything. However I am determined and I am still excited and I actual think its fun. Now sure I have had a couple of nervous break downs in the process lol :crazy_face: :grimacing:Keep your excitement, try to market/promote yourself as much as possible sign up to some companies and don’t give up! Good luck


LMAO that’s who got me on tiktok. Now in his defense, the students I have talked to that took his course are getting that type money or close.I was told he tells you his step by step ways to get around things. I guess it really depends on your drive. I understood from some of his students that he is mainly speaking of skipping signing companies( the middle man) and going direct. That to me is a little difficult to do because most of them want you to have lots of signing experience. Either way I am here, still excited and trying to make the best of what I got.

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That is what I was wondering… I live in AL. I just did a signing and I am no attorney. I need to go check this!

I Concur…Signings have Really Slowed Down! I’m now taking some Signings for Longer distances than I used to! Yes! Time to Diversify, Good Luck All!

Kudos on keeping a positive attitude! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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You go girl! Thanks!

I agree, getting on now is a bit late but eventually all these people that are closing now with these 4.75 and 7.25 interest rates will one day refinance when the rates come down again. When will that be??? I don’t really know. I get a lot of GNW from Google and I also do fingerprinting for the School District in my area. I’m also a Real Estate broker and have my Class A CDL to drive semi-truck. So, it’s nice to have a back up when things slow down. I’m about to get back in the truck and work afternoons so I can still do GNW and fingerprinting in the mornings.