Yet to make enough to repay 401K loan. to start Signing business

How can I make 5K per month ?

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I read in another thread that you are a preferred notary for some company as you do Refis for $50.
So, doing the math, you need 6 refi/day M-F (& at least 1 or 2 more somewhere that week to pay for the paper, toner, gas used…and I’m hoping the 6th one every day pays back the loan quickly). As the average signing takes about 2 1/2 - 3 hrs, (all inclusive, print, prep, drive, sign, QC, drive, drop, home), conservatively, that’s only 15 hour days. But maybe you’re luckier than most & every signing is only 5 minutes away. I would suggest you get more realistic in your pricing. Like, at least $100/across the street.


$300/day five days a week or $500/day 3 days a week. That has to be your goal and you can’t falter.


i dont get that many notifications

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Then you will need to increase your fees. At a minimum you should be charging $125-150 per signing. At that rate you will only need 2-3 signings per day. Otherwise, you are working too hard for too little money. That is okay in your first 6-12 months. But after that, if you are not earning this kind of money set your sights smaller (perhaps $2,500-$3,000 month) and be content with it or find supplemental employment! And, by the way, to command this kind of money and for it to be consistent, you will need to be flawless in your work and not cut any corners. It’s doable and not that difficult.


yea i do alot of debt settlements and refis

Doing refi’s for $50 is industry low. I do not know a region where this is a regular fee. As for debt settlements you may want to read up on that. It is not encouraged and can even put your commission in jeopardy.


Agree with @Voloshin - will add here that some states have deemed these illegal; not to mention that company (and maybe there’s more than one) who “certify” the notary as a paralegal…yeah, no, it doesn’t work that way;

What these companies have done is skirted the FTC law that requires that debtors MUST have a face to face meeting with the debt settlement company, not an over the phone deal - it’s intended for consumer protection - so they decide to get notaries to meet face to face with debtors and figure this satisfies the requirement. IMO it does not It’s for this reason that the companies insist you present yourself as their “paralegal” (LOL over here on that one) or as their authorized agent/employee - the notary is neither.

Also, the law requires that no money be paid until the entire debt is settled - ever see the document in that package that requires they provide their bank account info for automatic debit payments up to somewhere in the area of $3K - $4K? Consumers are better off turning to those they owe money to and working it out directly with them - at no cost.



I don’t either. Most come from notary go and I’ve learned to stay on their dashboard and grab them there. I see them there and if nobody take it then I get the text message like five minutes later

Don’t focus on the dollar amount, it will come. Just build your business, and do perfect work, and they will call.

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I make about 6-7k a month and I do it through signing services. 3-4 a day roughly 20 signings per week. On average about $100 per signing anywhere between $75-$125 per signing. THAT’s how you do it.

Just Hustle, Hustle, Hustle and take EVERYTHING that doesn’t conflict with your schedule or isn’t lower than $75. PLUS, and this is the most important, Sign up with AS MANY SIGNING SERVICES AS YOU CAN! That way you get as many job offers in your inbox/email/text messages as possible.

That’s how you do this. I do it full time with no other side jobs or businesses. It can be lucrative as long as you hustle, hustle, hustle and do it with a smile every time!


Hi there! I won’t hop on my soapbox tonight but this is kind of a vague, yet loaded questions. There’s a lot of factors that contribute to you making that money (you know the drill…market saturation, location, state restrictions, etc.). It IS possible but the possibility isn’t really the issue but more or less the “HOW”. Where do you live? That’s a start. Do you work another job? What’s your availability? Where are you marketing yourself? Lots of questions that need answers before one could really advise you on a proper path forward. Remember, you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to! Believe in yourself and plan on your next moves!


How much is “as many signing services as you can” for you personally? A concrete number would be more helpful, I think.

Well, I’m signed up with over 300, some of which are now out of business, changed their name, merged w/?? or deadbeats or they don’t have business in my area.
And there are new ones popping up weekly. This is a never-ending marketing journey. Not a once & done thing.


There another string that’s already started on this topic that might help you.

I have no hard numbers, because there is no number. Just think about it. There is approximately one thousand signing services out there and more coming on board everyday. Lets say 1/3 of them are regional and therefore NOT an option. That leaves you with about 600-700+ to work with.

This is what I do. When or IF you have some downtime find at least 1-2 signing companies you can sign up with. Then sign up, follow up in a day or two to make sure they have your info listed with them, then rinse and repeat. There is no “end Number” or “goal” to reach for. Just keep reaching and reaching and reaching. WHY???

Because of human nature. Once you stop, something happens, a ball is dropped and guess what, you stop getting calls, or emails, or texts and things slow down. Trust me I’ve been there. You want momentum for as long as you can muster.

Hope this helps!

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