ZigSig No Pay 2 months

I have been pulling my hair with ZigSig. I only worked with them 3 times and 2/3 is bad. I completed service on 3/26/2022 and waited April, then May while during this time trying to communicate. They won’t communicate! I called the owners offices Prolink and they give me an email for accounting. Accounting sends me an echeck for their Prolink work I did in April. They owe me $155.00. What else can I do? ZigSig is a signing platform I believe and no human ever contacts you.

Who is the title company? Have you asked to see if they remitted payment?

OS National is the title company.

Reach out to the escrow officer on the file, ask them for their account receivable email or phone number. That is probably who you want to ask about your payment. Post contact info on here if you can get it.

It looks like I will have to access the one who pays them as they ignore me.

Anyone else has this issue with OS National? Anyone has a point of contact?

I don’t know them but they are a title company out of Duluth, GA - stellar 4-star reviews on NotRot

Hope this helps.

Yes, it helps and I will email escrow officer who oversaw the order.

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They pay within 3 weeks or less from my experience. Titles pay them fast so there shouldn’t be a problem getting paid on time. They are one of my favorites, I wish I can take more from them but I’m always booked.

Adam is very professional and prompt in responding to email.

Adam Babish
President ZigSig Notary Scheduling Platform

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That’s sad to hear and I’m thinking something else happened because I find Zigsig outstanding and seemingly the orders that come up and decent, big companies and their offers in pay are higher then most. I love Zigsig and actually met Adam, the owner when he was invited to a zoom class with notary stars last year… I’ve not had any issues with payment. I think it could also be a new platform for payment you may need to establish?

Remember Zigsiz is a signing platform. They are not a signing service or title company. Under your orders you can see who is spouse to pay you. That is who you should contact.