1003 Post Closing Error😮 ... Beware!

Three days ago, I got a post closing error report asking me why I haven’t got the 1003 signed and initialed by the signer, with an attached 1003 (the new version), to take it back to the signer and have it signed and initialed. The form looked different to me but, anyway, it took the printout to the signer again (35mi) and got it initialed and signed.
Yesterday, I got a post closing error from another signing company, also regarding the 1003 and why it wasn’t signed and initialed. Luckily, this one I faxed back, so I have a proof that it was signed and I argued that. She just apologized and said she hopes the lender would accept that one they have (so she was lying). Today, again another title repeated the same scenario at which I laughed and told her to play somebody else.
What I wanted to say is that the lenders are getting picky about the new version and in most cases, they won’t accept the old form, and when that happens … all the blame will be on the black sheep, the notary, either you haven’t got it signed, and here is another one to sign, or it wasn’t among the package you shipped, and here is a replacement (a new form). Don’t be fooled and ask for the second trip charge. How would it be possible that a notary forgets about the 1003. Smh :pensive:


I haven’t seen a new version. What is that?

Organizations can start using the new 1003 July 2019 but I think it’s mandatory come Feb 2020.

Here’s a link to the new form - https://www.fanniemae.com/content/guide_form/urla-borrower-information.pdf

This link explains the use dates - https://www.housingwire.com/articles/47887-when-will-it-be-mandatory-to-use-the-new-uniform-residential-loan-application/


I read your post twice to make sure I understood and just wow!! I haven’t run into anyone using the new form just yet but I will keep it in mind. Thanks for the heads up!

This has happened to me with several types of documents. Sometimes the docs you send back get mixed up or lost, and they call and try to blame the notary for not sending it. In the beginning I too would make a (free) return trip to get the documents signed. Then, like you, they asked for a doc to be signed that I had scanned back. I brought it up and there it was, fully executed properly. Now, for certain companies, I scan all the docs whether required to or not. They are NOT to be trusted. They have no problem blaming the notary for their errors if they can get away with it.


Thank you for sharing this. I will make a mental note about that form!

Sure is new to me. Thanx for sharing :relaxed:

@rangemaster. This has happened to me where there said a document was not stamped/ missing and I was like are you sure? I said to the lady hold on let me check cause that doesn’t sound right. I then ask her for her email and forward her the entire packet. She was NOT expecting me to have a scanned copy of the document as it was not requested so YES like I scanned every packet as long as time permits. I would advise on it 100%. Another thing too I NEVER use dropbox for any of my documents and always ensure to get a receipt.

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Thank you for sharing I haven’t seen it in any of my packet yet. :+1:


Glad to here someone else has caught them trying to blame their mistakes on us. It’s a shame we have to go to all that extra work, just to protect our reputations.

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Totally agreed. I was wondering, are they so busy that they can’t replace the old form (with that crossed box :rofl:)?

Where does state on the new 1003 that initials are needed? I only see one signature area vs the 3 places that I am used to seeing on the old form. I just looked at the link that was posted below as I have not seen this new form in any of my signings.