123 notary--Deceiving notaries for money

Thank you for posting this. I am all for free speech but the topics he posts and writes about on his blogs are downright disturbing and unprofessional on so many levels!!! I can not understand why notaries would subscribe to his company. His tactics of calling notaries at any hour of the day to quiz them is absurd. He called me at 9:30pm one night!! The way he bad mouths Snap docs and other businesses, Title companies etc is uncalled for.


Not only is Jeremy calling at absurd hours, he’s now sending out an email with links to his blog, a study guide and 15 questions he wants answered so he “can assess your Notary skill”!

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In addition, on a listing he’ll periodically change various items within the profile and in the Notes section (without your permission or authorization).

He removes the Commission Expiration Date completely (making it appear that the Notary is no longer in business), removes the check marks from the multiple services that you provide, etc…

Previously (years ago), with my top listing on the 123 site, I’d receive multiple calls a month with the callers saying they found me on 123; now, not so much . . . maybe a few times a year. When the calls dropped off from his site, I chose to decrease the fee I pay, because of the less than stellar ROI (return on my investment).

It’s a conundrum that 123 chooses to manage his client base as if he’s their employer; however, he only provides advertising to Notaries. Quite unusual. :frowning:

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I paid for my listing on 123 Notary for about 10 years, several months ago Jeremy called me and asked my a bunch of questions, he then stated I needed to study. A few months passed, I noticed the reviews on this site about Jeremy… He called again, this time I refused to answer and questioned his reasoning for these calls. He said it was required. I replied that I only paid him for advertising, and that I do all of my certifications thru the NNA. I did not receive the normal renewal notification form Jermy this year.
I just looked for myListing on 123 Notary, it has been removed.
Hey Jeremy, the Supreme Court has a bit to say about refusing service to customers.

I received a call yesterday from Mr. Belmont. He started my stating I “must” answer his questions and answer them correctly. I’ve been a Signing agent for going on 16 years, so this was not a problem I was worried about. The problem was his questions which were so obscure. I answered correctly and he said, “No thinking out loud” and he was “feeling nice today and wouldn’t take away points” with a very condescending, rude and arrogant manner. When I told him I didn’t care for his demeanor and no longer wish to continue this conversation he started yelling “something” and I had to yell louder to tell him to DO NOT CALL ME Again!.
I never got around to his reason for the call and I can see he was just trying to intimidate me into thinking I need his training. Frankly, I could train you Mr. Belmont ,your first lesson would be on manners!


I did see the petition, not sure if its going anywhere though.

An NSA posted on one of the FB forums, recently about him asking her about using a green pen if the notary instructions required it. She said she’d go by her states rules on that, if any, he hung up on her! :astonished:

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Not surprised…hopefully word will get out and he will “get the message” that speaking to people this way is not working.

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What area code does he call from so i know not to answer his call. I got a weird email quiz from him and deleted it. I do not even remember signing up for a free listing at Notary123 - I avoided them because of all the bad things I read about him on here.

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His number is 213-705-3318

He is adding newbie/freebie notaries scraped from other sites to his database without their knowledge or consent. Guess he’s doing that to show many notaries in any given area (while deleting other experienced ones who have paid listings because they refuse or don’t pass his obscure tests). Seems to be his own worst enemy and unclear on the concept of a Directory…

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I do not believe that Jeremy is deceiving anyone. He is upfront with everyone. He expects quality from the notaries who advertise on his site. By far, 123notary is the best notary site in all respects. I rarely get a job from Notary Café or Notary Rotary, but many times a week I get a call from someone who has checked 123notary for a reliable, professional notary. Jeremy may be a little rough around the edges personally, but he has done wonders for people who want to be a great notary and he offers substance on his notary site. Can you imagine YOURSELF devising such a comprehensive and knowledgeable site for notaries and signing companies to go to? Jeremy had a dream and he made it happen. Steve Jobs did that. 123notary is a business and every business is expensive to run. Quite naturally Jeremy charges fees. If you want the best, pay for it. And - I have spoken on the phone several times with Jeremy and have done my best to answer his questions. He has never, ever told me or asked me to buy any notary products. He was interested to see if I knew how to administer an oath, if I used a Notary Journal, etc. Give 123notary a chance and rejoice when the referrals start coming your way from your listing on 123notary.


i had a free listing on his site. He called once and I did not agree to take his test. He promptly remove me from his free listing. All I know is every company will accept the NNA test and background check. Although I have no proof, I find it difficult to believe that signing companies and / or title companies prefer his test over the NNA.


Quite honestly, I’ve never had anyone even ASK about either test. Seems to me that hiring parties don’t care about ‘un-approved by them’ tests. If they do care about something, they have their own test, often with a well-made PowerPoint presentation that you can do when it’s convenient to you–or not. Your choice.


ive no interaction with him other than through his website blogs that he sends out. Ive not even looked in to setting up an account with him.

Same thing happened to me.


My experience mirrors yours, Arichter. Thanks for the post. :slight_smile:

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My turn to get the email quiz purporting to be from Mr. Belmont.

While I understand his apparent desire to list only the most highly qualified notaries on his site, I would also point out that timing of said desire seems suspicious. I did not have to pass a test several years ago when I first posted my profile on 123. If Mr. Belmont’s intent in quizzing his members is truly to ensure that his site lists only notaries he deems most qualified, would not the best time to do so be at initial induction?

Email deleted, quiz ignored.

We answer to enough people.


He called me recently as I was leaving a closing and asked if I was still a Notary. I replied “of course”.
He hung up. LOL

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I got an email from this person and decided to GTS. My Google search brought me here, where I’m also a member. The power of the internet! Here is the Email I just received a few days ago from jeremybelmont2004@gmail.com:


I have a few questions for you. These are for my records to get a sense of your skill level. Please give the letter as well as the full answer. Please choose only one answer per question.

a. How many loans have you signed? (in total)

  1. Multiple Choice. The ID says John Smith and the signature on the document reads John W Smith. Under the circumstances, is it prudent to notarize the signature on the document as is?
    (a) Yes
    (b) No
    © Just ask for another ID
    (d) Just put John Smith in the Acknowledgment where it says name of signer.

  2. A Notary calls the borrower to confirm the signing. Other than going over the time, place, address, and whether or not they have ID,what else do you discuss by phone to be prudent?

  3. A broker hires you to do a signing and the written instructions say to read and sign page four first. The borrower wants to start at page one. How do you resolve this situation? Please choose the best answer as there is more than one correct looking answer.
    (a) Start at page 1
    (b) Start at page 4
    © Call the broker since there is a conflict of interest.
    (d) Just leave the signing
    (e) Read and sign page four and then go to page one.
    (f) Start at page 4, but if the borrower objects, then go back to page 1.
    (g) Explain to the signer the reason you need to start at page

  4. A signer appears before a Notary with a document that the signer had already signed. The signer asks to have his signature on the document notarized. Which type of notarization can the notary perform in such a case?
    (a) Proof of Execution
    (b) Jurat
    © The Notary may not choose the type of notarization
    (d) Oath
    (e) Acknowledgment
    (f) Copy Certification (g) Power of Attorney signing procedure

  5. You do a signing for Jessie, but Jessie refuses to sign the Flood disclosure until he can talk to the contact person. You call and leave a text for the contact person but receive no return call. It is now noon
    and you are leaving the signing. How much longer do you wait to drop the package?
    (a) 1pm
    (b) asap
    © 3pm
    (d) before pick up
    (e) until you hear back from someone.

Jeremy Belmont
123notary manager

My reply:


I’m not sure who you are as we have never spoken before. I do not recognize your email address and I’m a little confused as to why I’m receiving your email with test questions. Since you did not ask me for any personal information or seem to be phishing, here are your answers.

I’ve done enough closings to know what to do, and have notarized many documents for about 5 years. I have also taken many classes on notarial acts as well as notarizing closing documents voluntarily, so I think I’m pretty proficient although I’m no expert. If I have an issue, I call NNA’s toll free number as I’m a paying member.

  1. d
  2. There was no letter to select. However, I would ask who will be signing, verify names of signers, whether there is a check or wire, and advise signers that the signing can take upwards of two hours. I also make sure they have my name and that I will have ID to verify my identity when we meet. I do not discuss anything else.
  3. e
  4. e
  5. a (Wait for a reasonable amount of time then drop it off)

My followup email sent to info@123notary.com after sending the above referenced email:

To Whom It May Concern:

I received a rather unexpected email today asking about my experience in notarizing docs and requesting answers to several test questions. The email was from a gmail account. Was this someone at your
organization? If so, I would suggest reaching out to people directly by phone prior to sending something like this, as the email was a bit odd. You have no idea the amount of phishing emails I get to notarize docs,
with instructions to click unrecognizable links, etc. It’s just good business to be a bit more personal prior to sending something like this out of the blue.

On another note, please add the 24-hour icon next to my name.


In the past, I believe I spoke to a gentleman by phone shortly after creating my 123notary profile. I don’t remember if it was Jeremy, although based on the information I’m reading in this thread, I strongly suspect it was. Additionally, I specifically remember stating that I received no response to an email that I sent to
info@123notary.com and the individual stated to me that this particular email was not checked very often and to use an alternate email. The purpose of the phone call (he called me) was to verify the profile I created. I do not remember the alternate email that was provided during my phone call with him, if it was. If that’s the case, why publish this email on your website if email sent to it is not checked often? That seems a bit odd to me. Several months later, I received yet another email requesting to verify my profile and the information provided. Honestly, I was at a loss of words as I had just done this with him over the phone.

Anyway, as of this writing/posting, I have received no reply to any of my emails referenced above.

Out of curiosity, what is up with this page on the 123notary.com website?


Who uses SKU numbers, Form numbers, and Buy buttons for people to send an email for Inquiries, password resets, in depth inquiry (is this a more involved inquiry which requires a separate form?), sales inquiry form. etc. etc???

My eyes just glaze over looking at this site and all the comments about him. Has anyone read the Taco story on his Blog, dated August 25th, 2019? Truly crazy in every sense of the word!