123 notary--Deceiving notaries for money

I was listed with 123 for years and did receive many signings because of my membership!! But after 10 years of being a member, things seemed to be getting rather strange. When I received phone calls from Mr. Belmont with his testing, I answered his his testing questions! He argued with some of my responses! I’ve been a notary for 39 years, in two states. I have been employed most of my working life in escrow!! Give it your best shot Mr. Belmont!! I am no longer a 123 member!!

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I finally received a reply. I was removed from the 123notary.com website. Most likely, my previous posts here were read by Mr. Belmont. An F rating with the BBB? All the negative comments that scour the internet about this individual and company? Where’s there’s fire, there is usually smoke.

Not losing any sleep with that. Good riddance and thank you Mr. Belmont. ;o)

He did the same to me. He is clueless and serves no purpose.

123 Notary is a joke! I tried to sign up for their free listing and I got rejected and prompted me to select one of their fee membership options! Of course I exited. Nice try! Deceiving people will not get you far! They must think we are a bunch of idiots! Unbelievable… Ugh

Don’t they know that 1 satisfied customer will tell 2-3 others about his/her experience with your company. But a dissatisfied customer will share their bad experience with at least 8-10 others? Get some training in customer satisfaction and retention! No thank you to 123 Notary! But I am happy to pay for my annual membership fee to Notary Cafe. That animated coffee cup cracks me up:)

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I couldn’t answer his sudden question phone call because I had just left the nursing home of my dying father. He stated to me that my silly issue was a waste of his time, and if I wanted to be a professional notary that I need to answer questions immediately! He hung up on me and deleted my profile. Disgusting.

The deception I’ve seen from Jeremy and 123Notary.com relates to 1. His absolute inability to significantly explain how the algorithm resulting in higher or lower placement works. Nor has he ever shown how paying more equates to earning more business. 2. He offers “training” and quizzes notaries who advertise on 123Notary.com yet has no certification or accreditation of any worth. In fact, unless something has changed very recently, Jeremy isn’t even a Notary Public and in fact has not been for the majority of the last fourteen years. Much of what he grades notaries or notary signing agents upon is NOT sound procedure. The opinions he spouts are NOT sound either nor based on best practices.

Never take advice from someone who knows less than you do about notary procedures.

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Jeremy Belmont is an arrogant and very disrespectful person. he added my personal information online which Is a total violation of privacy when I called for help he yelled at me then hang up on my face. I am contacting my lawyer and google. so disgusting

Gosh he has been calling me for over 15 years. Always asks the same question with a sort of “careless” attitude but I just talk to him about other stuff and move on.

It was odd that I got an email from this individual last year but I ignored it.

123Notary is one of my best sources of business. I have gotten the phone calls I just talked to him, although the 1st time he caught me in the middle of a very loud restaurant so we didn’t have much of a conversation. I have always just paid for the lowest level listing I’ve never had a problem. As far as his blog is concerned I find it kind of ridiculous I just don’t read it. Feel however you will about Jeremy but the website is a pretty effective source of leads and it only helps me if people around me don’t want to be there.

123 Notary helps me to get work also. Of course nothing is very busy right now. It is better than signingagent.com, which seems to have a wonky algorithm.

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wonky is an understatement


He just called me tonight. He was pretty demanding and rude. I tried to tell him that I did not need his services as I only do signings for extra income in retirement.He said I needed to quit interrupting him. I told him to take my information off of his list. He hung up on me.

OMG! I paid for 123 Notary before seeing this older post, has it gotten better? if not its to late now he has my money. I just hope he lists me. OMG!!!

I have heard from other notaries in my classes that he hasn’t been seen or heard from in many months.

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