123Notary and Jeremy the Owner

A couple of years ago I contacted my clients, including 123Notary that I was taking a break from the business to attend college. I am back on again and he had my account frozen. I emailed a few times to him and called as instructed by the C.S at that company to get my profile unlocked so I could update it. That was a few months ago and response until today.
Jeremy called me on a number I do not have logged as 123Notary in my phone, I have been getting spoof calls and scam calls to get personal info from me, and wasn’t sure if that was one of those calls.
When I answered he talked so damn fast and in the pushiest tone, that it took me a moment to figure out what he said. He said, “this is Jeremy with 123Notary, how many closings have you done!” I was walking out of the nursing home, my father is dying and at the end stage of dementia. I was nice to Jeremy, but still wasn’t sure if someone was phishing me. I told him at the moment I didn’t have exact numbers. I asked who it was I was talking to and he yelled at me saying, “I already told you my name!” and hung up. I was certain at that time that that was a phishing call, how could someone be so nasty and cold to a notary not producing numbers at that exact moment.
I called the main 123Notary number and it went through to Jeremy and I was warning him that someone with a random number was calling under his name and phishing. He said that was him. I explained to him that he talked really fast and it was at first hard to understand him. I apologized that I couldn’t get him exact numbers and explained that I was walking out of the nursing home and that my father was dying. His response while raising his voice, " your silly issue is a waste of my time, if you want to be a professional notary, you need to answers questions immediately!" and hung up on me.
He deleted my profile in Minnesota.
The man is cold and nasty in my opinion. Does his clients even know how he conducts himself with notaries?

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He is about the last person to tell anyone what is and isn’t professional. He has gone off the deep end in last few years. I’m sorry but I have to call it like I see it- reminds me of someone on drugs. Don’t even bother with this one. That Carmen is a rude one too over there.


I am so sorry to here this horrible situation, these behavior is not acceptable and some of these people in the signing company talking very rude and unprofessional that is real bothers me, they do not know that we have to present their company and we need to treat professionally in order to work for them.


I hate that happened to you especially with what’s going on in your life.
I wonder if Jeremy is even a notary???
He did something similar to me. I threatened to contact the BBB then magically me account was unfrozen. He is a nutball! When I get his random calls questioning my abilities I turn it on him and quote what is acceptable in my state who commissioned me, then he immediately stops. He has it in his unprofessional brain California notary guidlines are the standard and forgets every state is different.
He doesn’t bother me any more.

Hope this helps. I wish you all the best. Kelly
I have been where you are my mom died 4yrs ago from complications with dementia. I sincerely wish you the best.


His Yelp reviews speak for themselves… https://www.yelp.com/biz/123notary-long-beach

And…here is their BBB “F” Rating…smh


Needless to say, stay away from this company!

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Jeremy is bat-spit crazy and a total jackass to everyone. Do everything you can to avoid a conversation with him. Block every number he calls you on. If you pick up a call and it’s him, politely tell him you’re in a meeting and unable to speak with him until later. He’ll give you a ration of shit about it, but it’ll get you out of talking with him, which generally only ends up in you getting removed from his site. If you want to advertise on 123Notary, go through Carmen. She’s awesome, and she’s the “Jeremy Whisperer”. She can’t make him get things done any faster, but she has somehow survived working for/with him, so she’s my Hero.

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I know this post is a couple of years old but I’m very sorry you had to go through that, I had my first experience with the website last night, I tried calling three of their phone numbers earlier today, and they were all not accepting calls or the mailbox was full.
It certainly made me wonder about the website.

I had the #1 spot in a county here in Michigan and paid handsomely for it for the last few years. I got business and it was worth it. Then I started to see all the crazy things Jeremy Belmont has done and how he treats us when we are paying him money! He should treat us with the respect that we deserve.

I have decided to not give him another dime. It was impossible to get a hold of him. Now about 3 weeks after sending emails I got his response.

He said he doesn’t have time for phone call or long emails. Really? Then you don’t deserve to make any money from me if you don’t have time for me as your customer.

If anyone is considering paying for a listing with 123notary,com please DO NOT DO IT. We all need to ignore him since he doesn’t have time for us and the time he does give to us is in strange rants like I have experienced and manner others have posted about.

I don’t know how many of those that use his service know of his ways (I’m trying to be civil here) but I don’t want my business connected to his far out political opinions (which do not belong in this arena) or negative business practices in any way shape or form! He does not deserve a dime of my hard earned money!


I’m so sorry about your father and his condition! :pray:. The next issue, you are an adult and you should never encounter that lack of professionalism! Anytime someone attempts to cross-examine you on your phone, then ask yourself if they are entitled to be verbally abusive? You have the ability to generate healthy business relationships! Please don’t ever subject yourself to toxic “business relationships”! Please keep those negative people out of your life! You need to surround yourself with positive energy! My prayers are with you and your family! Please remember to never let the devil rent space in your head! God bless!
Dr. B

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I was planning to sign up for their forum. After reading this I will stay away! No money for mr jeremy

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LOL. :joy: I tried to sign up one time about 3 yrs ago, as soon as I saw the fee I backed out:). No, thank you. The only fee I pay right now is Notary Cafe.

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