123notary.com anyone have any feedback on them

Anyone have any feed back on this SS, they seem to be on the high side for pricing. Min is $59/year

First - they are not a SS - they are a listing directory for notary advertising.

Second - my past experience - I had a top listing there for several years and have to say I got my best clients from my listing there. Not to say anything bad about this site - I did get good clients from my listing here - but most of my title company clients found me “over there”.

Beyond that I’ll say no more…you can search here for “123Notary” and see feedback about it

I originally did my loan signing certification with them online. I personally do not believe that I learned anything from their certification. Plus, Jeremy, the owner, would call me randomly to quiz me on material. I had to tell him to stop because I work a regular 9 to 5 job. Further, I did not receive any signings after going through their program because the companies that I currently work with required NNA certification. At the end of the day, their service is very expensive and I get more signings on snapdocs with my NNA certification.

I am with 123 notary. I paid way more than $59.for one year. I must admit , most of my clients found me through 123. I have gotten back what I spent with them. I mostly get title companies though them , which pays far more than SS. My goal is to use them until I build my clientele , Which I hope to do by the end of next year, Hope this helps you.

I’m am more than a little concerned about the owner calling people. I suspect we are dealing with somebody with an overly big ego who is more interested in demonstrating his own knowledge for personal reasons than insuring his signers have all the knowledge they need. There are other ways, NNA sends out topics that help keep their signers up to date for instance. One person said she stopped getting signings after telling him to stop calling her. Thanks for all the input, I’ll give 123 as pass for now.

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If you want to be bugged by the owner with quizzes, and if you pass his quiz on the telephone he will keep your listing. However, you do not give the proper answer and he feels you are not a “qualified” agent - he will deactivate your account - go for it. I use to be a member and received several closings - but then they stopped because he called me and I took too long to answer his questions, mainly because I wanted him to qualify the answer. He deactivated my account for 6 months with no refund. You want to go through all that - pay your $59.

Dishonest egotistical individual to keep your money and not give you listings. Thanks for your help.

I get a significant amount of business form escrow cos that find my listing there

Sorry I don’t understand, what is “escrow cos”, is that a company?

“escrow cos” = “escrow companies”

The title companies as opposed to the middleman, the Signing Services

I used 123Notary for the first couple of years, when I was new at mobile signings. I did get business however it was hit and miss and very random calls from people, sometimes very strange calls too. I don’t use them anymore I have enough business I don’t need to be harassed by the owner. I honestly think there is something wrong with him. Jeremy is rude and thinks I should drop whatever I am doing to answer his bizarre and random questions. He even called me when I was in a meeting, told him I could not talk then he called back at 10pm that night to quiz me on my knowledge. I don’t 123Notary any longer, not worth my time.

Jeremy called me as I was leaving the nursing home, my dad is in the end stages of dementia and dying.
The number he called from was none of the numbers I had in my phone for 123Notary. He sounded like a phishing call but I was still nice. He was rude and pushy in tone and talked super fast, which took me a moment to understand him. He said “I’m Jeremy from 123Notary, how many closings have you done?!”. Not knowing if it was phishing, and just coming from seeing my father, I told him that so I wasn’t sure at the moment. I asked who it was I was speaking with and he yelled at me, “I already told you my name!” and hung up.
I called the 123Notary number and went straight to him to warn that someone was doing phishing calls under his name. He said that was him. I explained to him that he talked fast and it was hard to understand him and explained that I didn’t have numbers and just got done seeing my father who is dying. His response and raising his voice at me was, “your silly issue is a waste of my time, if your want to be a professional notary, you need to answer questions immediately!” and he hung up on me again. He also deleted my profile and I am blocked from making a new one.
Good luck.

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That guy has a reputation of being a major butthole. I won’t ever do business with 123Notary.com

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Poor Jeremy. He’s a pretty sad man. He’s sitting on top of one of the most beneficial sites for NSA’s and he doesn’t care for his clients. The man needs a complete makeover and lobotomy. He has failed in the customer service/humanities area. I would say he’s a very unhappy, unsavory person. I quit throwing money his way a couple of years ago. I don’t miss him or his incredibly horrible personality and “training”, exams, elite testing and status. He sells subscriptions to signing services who compete with notaries in their areas, diluting the potential for business for the very notaries who’ve supported him for years.

Don’t worry. One of these days he’s going to eat/drink himself to death and we won’t have to worry about hearing from him.

Most of my business these days comes from WOM, google, zillow, here and Signingagent.com.

I’m sorry to hear about your father, especially during the holidays and I hope you put Jeremy and 123 in your rear view mirror. You’ll be a happier person, and he won’t get your money. Obviously he doesn’t care to keep his customers happy but prefers to blow them off with insults and tantrums. He’s quite the drama queen, don’t you think?

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There are way better directories out there. If 123notary would be the only one, I would rather close my business than pay him a single penny.

I originally got listed there for free until he called me. I couldn’t understand him because of his poor connection, after I asked him to repeat the last sentence he started raging and yelling around. This guy has a serious mental issue and should be held far away from any kind of service industry! After that disturbing converstation, I checked my profile on 123notary again and it was completely messed up. It’s already a while ago, but I think i wasn’t able to correct it or something like that. So I sent him several emails asking him to either correct my profile or to delete it. Fortunately at some point he finally deleted my profile!

Also, although I think that the state required training for notaries should be way more extensive and should end with real exams, the fact that he wrote a letter to the DOS in California and in Florida to tell them how stupid their notaries are doesn’t really help anybody…

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