123Notary Exam.... how to study... worth it?

I’m a new NSA. I’ve nailed one signing and can’t seem to book anything else. I’ve signed up with about 15 SSCo’s. I was advised to sign up with 123 Notary. It seems there is a test over the phone to even get a listing. The study pages are strung out over a bunch of blogs and I don’t really know what to focus on. There’s enough information to take 10-20 hours of work. Furthermore, the majority of the information is for notary work I don’t intend to do. I do real estate signings. What do other notaries recommend? Have you taken the test? Which blogs are best to study? Is studying for this test worth the reward?

Thanks in advance,

First off, you need to sign up with a lot more than 15 companies; search here for “good companies” - folks have offered up some good companies to work for; but 15 will get you nowhere - it’s all in marketing marketing marketing - and marketing again.

As for 123 - his phone test is based solely on CA law and HIS interpretation; years ago I listed there (before he instituted his newest policy) - I was vetted by Carmen (great lady - RIP) - that listing got me my best title company clients but I have not listed there for quite some time; he got too intrusive and his phone calls bordered on harassment. I also heard his listing fees tripled or worse in some areas.

It’s your call, but to me, the certification was not worth anything - other certifications were far more productive.


In one word: Nope. It’s a good directory, but that’s it. I ‘think’ he’s stopped with the random calls to any/everybody at all hours to ask you really obscure things, BUT he IS ‘testing’ new listers with the same s…tuff. Other than that…Linda is right.

Thank you! Huge help.

Hi all,

I’m not sure about a certification for 123 but for me, I paid for the membership and I have received probably 5-10 direct signings from them. I always ask where they found me and the answer has been 95% from 123. The only test I took was a 5 question quiz that he sent me. I tried to follow up and ask if I passed LOL but I didn’t hear anything. I will pay again.

Re: blogs to watch. I still watch YouTube videos from anyone I can find re: loan signings and PA notary law. I’m in a few FB groups but that’s very limited. Too much drama on those but you can search around and not pay.

Good luck!

Sooo, I got a call from Jeremy last night, after 9:00 my time (Tx). My phone is on silent at that time so I didn’t take his call. I do not have a listing on his site. It was recommended that I sign up there, and I did try a few weeks ago, but it said I wasn’t eligible for a free listing. I haven’t a clue why, and after reading all I’ve read about them since I tried to sign up, I don’t think I want to be listed there. I don’t need that kind of drama in my life. I was also told never to pay, that there are plenty of free sites out there without paying to get work. Though I did pay to be here, it’s the only place I have as of yet. :slight_smile: