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I have been getting phone calls and emails from 123Notary stating I need to update my listing. I also recently received an email with test questions of which some did not even pertain to the state in which I reside. I’ve ignored all of them up until today. To the best of my recollection, I do not recall ever signing up with 123Notary. Finally, I went onto their website and searched my name and sure enough, there I am. However half the information is incorrect and I am certain I did not write the “about me” information as I would never write like that. Can they do that? Has anyone else had this happen to them? I guess there is nothing wrong with free advertising but it would be nice to have the information correct. But then again I’m not so sure I want to be associated with a company that would randomly take my name and public information and list it on their site without my permission. Has anyone else had this happen to them. What are your thoughts about this.

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I agree… IF you want to be listed, you should provide the info. BUT, it is done all the time by many directories.
Kinda funny that he doesn’t remember adding you–but then wants you to update and take his test when you never personally listed your info. Next, he’ll want you to pay.

I just searched the listing and found my name. I never listed with them. It looks like they just pull the information from some other place. I received a voice mail the other day as well. I’m always skeptical of cold calls.

Avoid 123Notary at all cost. Jeremy the owner is off his rocker. He’ll try and sell you the world and then pull the rug out from under you. I use to use 123Notary until he started accusing people of things that never happened. Here he sells positions on his notary list, example if i was in 90123 I could be at the top so anyone looking for a notary would contact me first. He would do that down 10 positions, but sometimes he will sell a signing company the number one position, of course they will take everything and then farm it out to Notaries for half the price they are getting. Do you think positions 2-10 are getting any calls, probably not most people call number one. These are the kind of games he plays. I could write a book about him. Yes he looks up notaries that are not on his list and adds them on his own and makes up a file and you don’t even know about it.

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see my message below as to Jeremy Belmont’s practices, Avoid him at all cost.

I was a “member” for at least 12 (or more) years, paying BIG $$'s to get top listed. Paid even more for “Elite Certified” … overall thousands of $$'s over time. I replied to Jeremy’s email, asking for more information about his changes to the site/listings. Never received a reply. Sometime after that I got a voicemail message I did not understand, so no reply. Apparently it was Carmen regarding my renewal. Having done nothing else … nor a follow-up from 123 … I was dropped. What a way to run (down) a business!!

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I’ve heard just recently that there are companies putting us on their websites without our permission.

Jeremy also sent me a test with 15 questions and he sent others a test with 3 questions.

If you go back to the NNA’s way of doing business no one is discriminated against when it comes to testing. We are all treated the same and that is how it should be since we are paying them to test us.

This is why I no longer pay 123 to be on their referral network. There is a petition going around (which I have signed) with over 200 notaries complaining to the SOS about this company. He’ll kick you off the site (even if you’ve paid $100 for a year, etc.) if you don’t pass the test. Then he’ll ask for $450 to put you back on the website. This is what the petition is about “bait and switch” and it’s a very serious problem for him and his staff.

I believe in staying informed and reading the 3 notary blogs for feedback and participating. Thanks.

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I have had 3 top positions for 14 years with 123notary. the F*** Face removed me when I didn’t answer his questions.

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Don’t worry John, the same thing happened to me. I had spent thousands with him. He called one day, wanted $1600 for a top position, I told him I would work on it. He wouldn’t even wait, he sold it to a Signing Service. Now what do you think the people that he sold positions below that person were thinking. They started to take all the calls and started calling us to take the calls at half the price we were getting.

Jeremy sounds like a real gem. I had my first visit to the site last night. Although I haven’t spoken with him, nor anyone there, because at least one of the mailboxs is full, his said he’s not taking calls. The website is really odd. I couldn’t log in today. When I tried to get a new password it said my email wasn’t found, THEN I tried to register for the forum, and I couldn’t because it said my email is already in use. ???