150 page scanner

can anyone recommend a 150 page scanner. I have HP M880 and there are plenty used ones available but its color which i need. my son is needing to upgrade and i can only find one other hp printer/scanner with that capacity. New these cost $5-10,000 but they are well build and getting a used one under $1,000 works. I was surprised i could not find an older model hp that would scan 150 pages. Being able to scan and submit docs in under 10 min is great.

I don’t any that scan in color. But it’s possible my Epson 400 does… I print b&w so I’ve never checked

i am looking for B&W not color with 150 automatic document feeder for scanner

I also use an Epson ES400 that has been reliable with a heavy work load. It will handle 40 pages a minute so a 150 page doc will obviously scan in a little over 3 minutes. However, it will only handle about 50-6 0 pages at one time and needs to be fed. It will scan B/W or Color

having to feed several sets does not work for me, with a 150 page adf i put all docs in and no problems with misfeeds or jams. i bought one for my self and now need one for my son,

Just bought used HP laserjet MFP M632 with 18,000 pages printed for $600 delivered great product (i thought as it also has stapler) Turns out i have to disable Microsoft Security to install on HP laptop. After 8 hours on phone with both MS and HP support the printer is still not installed. I am going to try Geek Squad and hope they can get it installed.