2021 Rescission Calendar

My 2020 Rescission Calendar from Old Republic Title was really helpful because all the months were on one pdf page. Just checked their website and they have not posted 2021 calendar. Does anyone have a link to a 1 page pdf 2021 Rescission Calendar. NNA has a link to 12 month pages but really like the one page version. Thank you for any help.

Just click on " custom print" and just print page one and it should just print January. Hope this helps.

Here is one Alice at the Young & Associates webpage:

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Thank you so much ~ perfect! Happy Holidays !!

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Thank you for your response.

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Chicago Title - Rescission Calendar 2021 - 12 months in ONE Page:

Thank you so much. Really like this calendar. :blush:

Wow thank you Chris! This calendar is great.

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Juneteenth is Federal Holiday 2021. Adjust your calendars. :mask: