$35 for NSA services?

Coast 2 Coast, is a global signing service
Who has encountered this company? And what can one expect?

They recently sent out an e-mail about a very small pkg. for $35, so this is most likely one of ‘those’. Don’t remember details & have deleted the e-mail. C2C pays in 30 BUSINESS days, but, in reality, it’s usually a week or more later than that…or somewhere around 65 to 75 days. Also seems you always have to ask when you’ll be paid.

I’ve done a few jobs for Coast 2 Coast in the past, but they removed me from their list when I called out one of their employees for being rude. Funny thing is, Coast 2 Coast have been sending me offers left and right, but for the appalling $30 offers, which I always refuse.

As in the words of Thanos from Avengers: Endgame, " You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me…"

C2C is ok for beginners but once you’ve had a few signings just drop them.
I have also been removed from their service for standing up for my commission. I have also been short paid for a job where they said I printed the docs before confirming the order, therefore I was ineligible for payment. This was a job that was two trips for over 100mi and the trip and print fee they paid me was $40.
I am happy not to be in their system since the are always the lowest offers and they are notorious for throwing the notary under the bus to the client.

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Don’t do signing for them. They exploit new notaries, start with FieldChoice in Newport Beach to get experience under your belt.

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I will never understand why people are taking loan signing so low! I have 4 today it’s Sunday on my way to My 2nd closing and just checking this site because it’s interesting:).
I asked for $50 more each on top of my regular rate which isn’t low for working on Sunday and title company approved without hesitation. :pray:.

I’ve completed many regular re-fi jobs with C2C and have no complaints and I’ve refused a lot of C2C jobs that were the $30. loan modification jobs. The say “it’s only 30 to 40 pages” and that may be BUT I’ve found that 30 to 40 pages take just as much time as 130 pages over all.

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Yes. Thank you all for the responses. I have yet to take a Signing as I value my time too much to start undercutting myself right from the start. I Got into this by moving outside of the private-sector because it seemed pretty lucrative. I did check out Signing Agent Basics on YouTube here is the link (at the request of another NSA here on this forum): https://youtu.be/MsyeV_fsJwk
I fail to see how $35 can cover anything besides getting out of the office and into the car. As part of the notary code—which is not law—we are not supposed to rally together to fix price—22 CFR 22 Notary Public Fees has already made this guideline for ‘US’.
However, even though we are ‘technically’ in a state of ‘soft—Marshall-Law’ —which means a suspension of the US Constitution—we still can exercise our inalienable-right to contract and thus work with The CFR — code of federal regulations’ prescribed ‘SCHEDULE OF FEES’ for notarial acts (which are many—and are specific to a notary’s capacities).

Those are fees for consular services - not notary public services. Many of the items outlined to be done are not allowed to be done by a state-commissioned notary public - like certifying copies of vital statistic documents (birth death, marriage certs etc)

And we are not under Martial Law (yet) and the Constitution has not been suspended…but this turns political so I’ll say no more.

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I receive a lot of orders from C2C for Loan Modifications. I am given a window of 7 days to book and keep. The pay is low, $30 but the appointment is less than 25 minutes and only two sets of 15-17 pages.

If you are satisfied with doing $30 per signing I’m happy for you. Definitely do what makes you happy. I will consider myself a real blessing because I am actually struggling to accept lowest $150 loan signings. And busy seven days a week. 5 to 7 loan signings a day Mon-Friday and 4-5 signings on weekends. Plus I get paid more for working on weekends.

Remember, these aren’t full loans - they’re small modifications - in and out in minutes (unless you’re in CA where the journaling takes up more time than the signing does…lol).

I would not do them for $30 here either - very rural so travel time/mileage is an issue. The only way I would even consider this fee is (a) I’m going right by the signer’s location and no scanbacks - it’s get it signed and drop off; and (b) signers already have paperwork - I would not include printing two sets for this fee.

My opinion only.


I am aware of how many pages:). Again I will consider myself a real blessing:) :pray: :tired_face:Bancserv called me to do single document signing that has about four pages, 6 minutes from my house for $75! I said no and asked for $100. They were not happy with me. I thought they’ll never call me again but immediate got $200 refi:). They know that I don’t bother them for questions, and always gave them perfect and zero error loan packages. These recent weeks, they are sending out a bunch of their “blast” off deals which I can’t participate because they are only flat fee $100 per. No thanks. Too low.

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Notaries are a dime a dozen. Clients are their lifeblood. It’s no wonder that they’ll always side with the client. Yes, as soon as you get into a dispute with C2C about anything, they’ll drop you from their list and you’ll have to grovel to get back on it. Like you said, they’re ok for newbies just getting their feet wet, but once you get some experience behind you, it’s time to move on from C2C.


VIP, what city are you working from?

I’m in the Denver Metro area. I think most notaries here are super busy and may be booked every day. There are so many refis here. I think some title or signing companies can’t even get some of their loans assigned to notaries! But I could be wrong! All I know is that I am very busy. I’m booked 7 days a week 5-8 signings a day now! I had to give up this Sunday signings so I can spend time with my family. And I will not work on Sunday again. Need one day off! Plus I play in a USTA tennis league so at least I have to take a few hours off once a week to play before I run off to do closings! Yep, crazy busy here.

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Just an observation…this business is a numbers game. The higher population & income areas, the more jobs available. Also the reverse can be true…the higher the population, the more NSAs/competition available. The trick is to find your niche.