7 Mistakes Notaries Have Made That Got Them Sued

Just thought I’d share this article I came across today. Newbies may find it helpful.


Thank you for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing. I just went behind someone who never returned docs. The customer had to resign her modification. She told me that the person who came out wasn’t the Notary. It appears the Notary sent a non-notary in her place. I was shocked. Are Notaries really taking risks like this just to get as many signings as possible?

The other thing I keep hearing about on a consistent basis…Notaries in California are supposed to record EACH and EVERY document they notarize in their journal but they are not. They are only recording the deed and no other document notarized.

I guess they don’t understand that the role of a Signing Agent is second to the responsibility as a Notary. We are mobile public officials with the responsibility of keeping a public record of transactions. If there is a lawsuit the first thing they subpoena is our journal entries based on what we notarized in the loan package. There is not only going to be a probable loss of a commission but a civil liability.

It may take a lot of time to do a signing correctly but I encourage all Notaries who are thinking this short cut is ok to not take the risk. You will make it harder on all of us as lenders and the state begin to find out that this is happening more often than not.

Thank you for this - had a discussion about this in another thread. Glad to see your verification here.

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