A beginner CNSA

I just received my NSA certification, my background screening is underway as we text, and I received an assignment this evening for a loan modification…can I legally perform this notarization? I do not have a business license yet…but I am commissioned for general notary work. So my question is can I take this assignment?

How did you get your commission and certification without a background check?

And yes, if you are already a duly commissioned notary public, you can take the assignment.

But I will say if you got a job that quick, please be sure you’ve priced yourself fairly and didn’t jump on the first $30 offer that came through to you. Work up your business plan and figure out a fair fee needed to adequately compensate you for your work. You’re worth the time and effort

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Thanks LindaH, the state performed a background check on me to become a notary public, I completed the notary signing agent course with another company other than the NNA, but they are the only company performing background screening for signing agents, so, I am getting it completed now.

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You are better off waiting until you have your background check certificate as most title companies and lenders do not use notaries unless they have been trained and background screened. You also need E&O insurance to protect yourself in case you make an error. A $50,000 policy should be enough to cover you.

rparker Thank you! That’s what I was thinking I declined the assignment. Oh, I do have a E&O policy. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good for you! There will be many opportunities coming your way. You want to be prepared so you get more requests from the best companies.

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