A Life of Gratitude

As we enter this Thanksgiving season, it’s a perfect time to pause and express gratitude! This has been a trying year for all of us. I began the year in the hospital with a mini-stroke. A few weeks later, lost a young man that I had been mentoring in a tragic car accident, then a dear friend to cancer, and my mother-in-law. All within 3 weeks of each other. Just as I began to regain my strength and get around a little, I came down with the Covid-19 flu, which plagued me for about 6 weeks, before I could make some leeway. I’m about 90% better. Many of my friends did not make it.

So, I just want to pause and give thanks, first and foremost to God! Indeed, it’s because of Him that I live, move and have my being. But I want to thank ALL of you, for being an amazing group of people. I’m learning so much from you all.

I’m retired now; and this is my new journey. But because of my nature of wanting to help others, what a great way end one challenging year and enter one that I call “my best year ever” to share my experiences and expertise as a loan signing agent. I wish this for all of you.

What are you grateful for? Please share.


I’ve experienced hardships and loss of loved ones this year, God has blessed me with plenty of patience, strength and my health. Those three come to my mind when it comes to gratitude. In life we get nocked down and we must get back up and overcome life hurdles. Life is about lessons not life sentences. Everyone have blessed Holidays.


@notary45 what a wonderful post.

I’m deeply sorry to know of your lost and the challenges in which you and many many others have endured, are enduring or will endure as a result of this pandemic. Your post causes me to pause in reflection of just how good GOD has been to me. I’ve been spared that my family, close friends and colleagues haven’t been directly affected or lost to the virus (TYJ). Business/Financially in lieu of the virus (and thankfully being deemed as a essential worker) 2020 has probably been one of the best and busiest times I’ve had to manage in the last 3 years, to the point I was strongly considering expanding. ( I’m by no means boasting, I’m simply saying publicly Thank You Jesus ).

It’s not a cop-out, it’s simply the truth that my list of things to be grateful and thankful for would be super long and probably bore many others so I won’t do that. I’d like to thank you for taking the time to share and cause a moment of reflection as we all have so much to be grateful for.

I’d like to end by sharing this with you, which is a verse from one of my favorite gospel songs. The song is called Thank You.

Thank you Lord for giving me another chance…
another chance, and another chance…
Thank you Lord for giving me another chance…
another chance…to say Thank you

There were some, who missed this opportunity…
and Lord knows, that could have been me…
but in exchange, for all that You’ve done for me, I’ll take this opportunity, to say THANK YOU.

Be blessed, and thank you for allowing me to share.


Beautiful post :clap::clap::clap:
You’re absolutely right! We must be grateful to have made it this far. Every morning I thank God for a new day, especially since my family and I experienced the lost of one of my daughters, last year, and we never thought that this year was a continuation of last year for us. This year we have lost friends and families that couldn’t make it because of Covid19. So, this Thanksgiving for sure is extra special.
By the way, sorry for all your lost and let’s pray that your health gets better :pray:
God is good, all the way through :innocent:


I’m grateful for so much. My five children are in their 30’s and all doing well…creative, productive, kind and honorable, it’s very humbling . My husband is 10 times better than I deserve but doesn’t seem to know it (YAY!). I am 65 and healthy (aware that every day healthy is a gift)

Sang Amazing Grace on the way to my last closing today…sort of sums it up.


I love it, Dianna! Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you. I’m sorry for your losses as well. Happy Thanksgiving and stay well!

Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us all. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, and continued success.

My word. If only in this life we have hope, Lilly, we’d be miserable indeed. Thank you for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving.

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