A RON Platform With Training Wheels

In this Blog Post I document a method for California Notaries Public to Train on a Remote Online Notary (RON) Platform without being RON Certified. This Post will also walk you through the basics of what you need to know about RON. This post was made possible by the contributions of Amy Seitz, the owner of CyberizeIt. I have no financial agreement with Amy as her platform just kept popping up in my research on this topic.

I love my Nexsys Clear Sign:). No need to sign up with too many RON platforms for me:) I just need to find all the Titles and Lenders who use Nexsys to add me:) I will not pay to use RON on any platform.


What costs are you getting with Clear Sign?

RON Technology needs to be rescinded. You guys have to petition in each job stating that it is taking away your jobs.
I have worked in IT Security for 25 years, RON Is ripe for fraud / misuse/ abuse/ delegation of use by others etc.

The more convenience you give to people, the more fraud is likely to perpetuate,
Wait and I Told u So. These transactions are likely end up in court down the line. Just needs a clever attorney to show how flawed this is.

I tried RON and Reject it. Gross Waste of time and Hassle.

Beside, there are enough notaries in each county to give each one real signing job with $250 to $300 per signing. ( That is If each experienced notary decides to take a stance and demand this. Companies are willing to pay. )

Why let a tech platform stand and rake in the dough?

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The only costs are my digital certificate and my digital stamp.

Can you provide a link to to contact and register with this company?

I am just going with the flow…
This is why I will only do mortgage/real estate RON closing through major lenders and title companies because I feel that their clients have already gone through the wringer to eliminate any possible frauds before they got to me.
I am not comfortable doing just general notary work via RON, too many potential problems that may crawl out of the coffins to haunt me later. I don’t like ghosts! :scream:

See Step #3. Good luck!

What about certifying the ID’s and using their platform?

All the RON platforms use a service to authenticate the identity of each signer before you can proceed with the RON session.

I use two platforms: Nexsys Clear Sign and One Notary. I work with two title companies on Nexsys. The title company pays all of the platform fees and Id verification charges to the platform. On One Notary I use this platform for general notary work. The customer pays the platform for the notarization. The platform will send me a portion of the fee after the signing is completed. On a 25.00 fee, I end up with about 12 dollars. In essence I have paid the id charges since the platform gets most of the fee.

Many states consider a person to be satisfactorily identified during a RON session if the notary personally knows the signer. I wouldn’t expect this to come up often for a notary who is providing the service to whoever comes along, but it could come up a lot for in-house notaries who are notarizing for fellow employees. Do you know how many platforms do not require a credential verification service or knowledge-based authentication when the notary knows the signer?

Thanks, but Snapdocs is a SS. Is there any way one can join Nexsys Clear Sign without going through a SS.

In Some States, A commissioned notary is/can be a RON notary.

Is there an additional license specialization in your state?