About Signings

I am a new notary, I live in Alabama. When I get an assignment, can I get them to do the signing at my office?

That depends . . .

Generally, the location is pre-determined at the time the Title/Escrow company [T/EC] sets the date, time, & location of the signing with the signers.

When accepting the Signing Order, you’re agreeing to the configuration and specifics of that order including the designated location.

Regarding our role with respect to the location: We’re meeting them to facilitate their signing at the time & location of THEIR convenience. The hiring party normally includes within the instructions that the specifics are not to be altered without initially conferring with them for approval & authorization.

NOTE: If the signers ask me to meet at a different location, I accommodate their request. :sparkles::blush:

Here is a thread that you may find insightful as well:

I agree with cNsa5 - - if you want to establish a procedure of “When I get an assignment, can I get them to do the signing at my office?” - then don’t promote yourself as a mobile notary - which is what most SS/TCs are looking for - someone to go to their borrowers/signers and get the docs signed at the convenience of the signers. If you’re going to limit that, you’ll need to be specific upfront. (my office only, non-mobile, these hours only, etc etc).


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