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All the talk about companies not pay enough, and many of you are still accepting the peanut fees.
What’s need to be done, don’t accept payments under 75.00 , this should be the bottom fee with no email back. Up from here as the additional work is mandate.


Anyone done anything for A. Randall Camacho PLLC, in Colleyville, Tx? I have a past due invoice, and am looking for a better contact within the firm.

The Signing Agents, LLC sent a note along with their payment asking for a favorable rating on Notary Cafe and several other websites. The signing was on 8/8, the check was dated 9/1, so timely payment. Easy to work with. Met my fees. Seems like a good company, although I’ve only had one signing with them so far.

ATS Document Services is a GREAT company to work with. The pay is above average and fast. The support team is great. Jeri is awesome to work with. I love working with ATS, they are THE BEST!! Anna M. Taylor, CA


Yes, I have worked with Greenberg Mellinger (Cynthia Mellinger) for several years as an Independent Contract Notary. I find her very professional and polite. I always get paid in a timely manner and she is very pro active with all communication which I find refreshing.

Thumbs up for Greenberg Mellinger Nationwide Notary Service.
Annabell Szymeczek


Saying it again - Accountable Agents is still my fave. Good rates, streamlined process, no text “cattle calls”, respectful, pleasant team, pay like clockwork. Hey, Andre, Josh, Will… call me!


*I would like to take this time out now to say the “The Signing Agents, LLC” is very nice to work with! I would love doing business with them again!*Very efficient.

I am having trouble getting paid or even a response from ASAP Notary. I won’t be working for them again. Beware. Bhoodnotary

Coast2Coast - I am relatively new - but Coast2Coast is helpful, available by phone, they get right back with you, and payment is within 30 days. They are also very friendly on the phone. I like working for them!

I loveeeeee working with Accountable Agents!! They are top notch.

I’m having a terrible time collecting $90 from Notary on the Run!! Don’t ever do business with this company!!!

Comeback to lowball fees,plumbers, and service techs won’t pull in your driveway for under $60 to $75. And that doesn’t include Services Rendered.

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Does anyone know anything about Signing Stream in California? Their phone doesn’t ring and I get a call failed notice. They haven’t answered my 3 emailed requests regarding past due payment.

I have worked with Satellite Signing Services several times and never know if I’ll get paid. I
have left messages and emails with no response and still waiting on payments from February. Is anyone else having
the same issue with this company?

I received a call from “Jeremy” yesterday - simply identifying himself as “Jeremy”, nothing else. Without explanation or any idea who he was - he simply said “how many loan signings have you done this year?”. Not having any clue who this individual was - or what he was calling about - I asked him “what are you talking about?”. In addition to the fact that he caught me off guard - he was very abrasive and seemingly condescending in his tone - would not offer any explanation or information as to who he was - or what he was looking for. I took the liberty of googling his phone number - and came up with a boat load of reviews - which clearly explained who he was - and what he wanted. I emailed him after he abruptly hung up on me - this is what I wrote: Jeremy, I apologize for not being able to understand you when you called me earlier. Please understand, you called me in the midst of my work day - I do work a full-time job. I asked you to repeat what you said and you were abrupt and, quite frankly, I found you to be somewhat abrasive in your response. I am a Notary in the State of New Jersey - and I have done many signings since being commissioned over the years. If you wish to have exact numbers, you are welcome to call me again - perhaps at a better time for me (you called from the West Coast - I’m on the East Coast), and with a better attitude. If not - that’s fine. I am not obligated to utilize your service - nor do I receive any benefit from being on your 123NOTARY website as my referrals are primarily by word of mouth from my happy clients. I wish you well, Jeremy - word to the wise … “you get more flies with honey - than with vinegar” … Ellen *** I dont expect any response - nor do I anticipate one. I will, however, provide this review as a word to the wise. Jeremy - whoever he THINKS he is … is clearly a narcissist and has zero clue on how to run a business. That being said … steer clear of 123Notary … highly unprofessional.

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Americas Notary Pro is branching out of Texas.They’re great to work with. Once you’ve accepted couple of signings in an area, they call you first.


The Signing Agents LLC… Signed a deal 10/2. Have emailed/called and get no response - Don’t take any deals from them since they apparently aren’t going to pay you

I learned a very hard lesson! Do not work for

William K Testa
CEO/Testa Notary Services, LLC.
Office 815-258-1599
Fax 517-368-5510

He has not paid me and continues to lie about it. He has threatened me about calling the title company and reporting to them he promised to pay in 30 days. He is extremely rude and arrogant. He kept the oldest trick in the book, my accounting business sent you an email confirming your payment. Then he would say check your spam. Then he would say it was sent on the 20th. Then he would say it was sent on the 22nd. Then he would say check your spam. We all know how to do a search in our email all folders. Bottom line I never received any email. Now he has told the title company that he will send me a check. I have little or no faith. He is a scam artist a liar and a cheat not to mention rude and arrogant.
Kimberly Ann Schneider
See some of his emails to me below

My best experience is with Excel Notary, excellent communication, fast with paying, fast with having the docs ready the day before the signing, and so easy to work with. I get most of my signings by them.

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