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Not to brag but I’m in very high demand and I believe the reasons are several. First and foremost is my accuracy rate. 100% accuracy 100% of the time isn’t easy but it’s worth the extra effort to obtain. How? I go through every page in the documents before leaving my office which means I am very familiar with them by the time I sit down at the signing table.

Also, all my notary docs are pre-completed (dated together with all names) using Adobe Fill and Sign. My notary journal is pre-completed before leaving my office too, it only needs their signatures and thumb prints. Those two actions really save time at the signing table.

Then the most important part is after the signing, I do NOT leave the signer’s table until I have gone through the documents page by page looking for errors like missing signatures, notary stamps, initials, etc. The best time to find errors is there, not in the FedEx or UPS parking lot or (horrors) a day or two later via an email telling you there was an error or something is missing.

I also make a point of letting the signers know that I consider a 99% accuracy rate to be a big FAIL, that only 100% is acceptable. Then further explain how much trouble having an error causes. They love hearing that since they then believe how seriously you’re taking their signing.

Being precisely on time is important too, being late will upset the signers and if they have an opportunity or are asked, they’ll tell everyone you were late. It’s not good being late.

The above are just the basics of being good at what we do. It’s absolutely scary and makes me shake my head when I read questions and/or comments from some signing agents who don’t seem to get how serious it is what we do and how terrible the consequences are when we cause or allow an error to get past us.

If we as notary signing agents adhere to the above basics, we’ll be in strong demand. I probably get >100 offers a day which can be very distracting at times. My phone is constantly ding-donging and ringing. Though it’s good to be able to pick and choose to do the best paying and best quality signings.

I don’t believe any of the above to be tricks at all, but I sure consider them to be tips that we should all be paying close attention to. Adhering to them will, eventually, pay off big time.


Thanks for sharing at Jerrypb!!!, I would like to know how you got to a 100% error free rate? I am new, so I am not sure when I am making mistakes or not. I would like to state error free, but how can I if I am a novice and still learning the documents. I have contacted title companies to ask for mock documents of where signatures are supposed to be either signed or initialed, but not one has returned my contacts. So, I ask how did you become error free? Thanks in advance!

Appreciate the professionalism and accuracy message. Can you please share which signing services to sign up for? I am new and get a lot of emails, but some require payment (fees) and others seem to be free?


It seems who are the desirable signing agencies are always changing for me. Amrock is good, so is Signature Services and Signature Closers. SigningOrder.com has lots of companies that select notaries through it so you never know who’s going to call based on being listed on there. First American Signature Services is good though it seems their volume is down lately. Unlimited Ink, Xome, and Title 365 come to mind too. Coast2Coast has a lot of signings as well. Fees are a different story, it seems many of them are lowering their fees, not raising them. I have to counteroffer on many offers made. Good luck and you’re right, never sign up for a notary signing agency that demands you pay them, no matter how good their story sounds. I recently signed up to pay <$5 a month to one very well known by all of us here but so far I haven’t had a single offer from them so I’m going to cancel that one very soon unless I start getting offers quick!

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The only way I was able to get to a 100% error-free rate (usually haha) was by simply thoroughly going through the documents page… by… page… at least once at the signing table before I leave, and if I can I’ll go through it twice before leaving the signing table. And during that double-check time I avoid chit-chat so I can focus on looking for errors or omissions on every single page. I also go through the documents before leaving my office so I’m already very familiar with them before sitting down at the signing table. Getting all my answers to any signing questions before the signing starts is important too. Trying to get an answer to a question from Title or the refi company while I’m at the signing table is hit or miss, with miss being more common. So if there’s two good ways to have a high/perfect accuracy rate is 1) Double-checking the docs before leaving the signing table and 2) being well prepared and knowing the documents cold before sitting down with the clients. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much, Jerry! I will go with those signing agencies. Alicia

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GA… I am relatively new, but I’ve signed up for about 100 signing services.
Since 04/16/2021, I’ve only had TWO assignments! One was a 7-page correction to save funding for a Refi/HUD/VA loan, and the other was a sellers’ pkg for property sold in Kentucky. (The first notary got paid. I got pennies).

I call signing services, court signing services… and my phone is dead as a doorknob.
It’s so dead, last week, I walked in cold and pushed my card to 20 real estate attorneys. And I will resume courting them late this week.

What gives on signing services?
On SNAPDOCS, I was verified in March. I’ve got a 100% response rate and I’m rated, “high.”
Nothing. Nada. Zilch. (I was 100% accurate on both signings, everyone says I did a great job.).

But I am just launching… I have to take the low fees being offered, or they’ll give it to somebody else.

What do you do when SS (or TC) combines two orders and make it seem like it’s only one? For example, a Refinance package and at the end of the package they add the Initial Loan package. What can you do about this?

What I’ve learned is that between Mark and Bill I am not sure which one is the bigger con man. I feel so bad for the new folks in this business that are finding out that most of the juicey business partners are all sewen up and the little that is left won’t allow you to make a living. And to add insult to injury those two knuckleheads have sold a bill a goods to the newbies that all but ensure them that they will make 6 figures in thier first month. Now with the wave of refinances past us the real blood letting will begin. Hope they can earn enough to cover the cost of those expensive classes that really teach you what the NNA gives as part of thier memebership.


I’m a newbie and not buying what they selling. Experience and free videos will get you there as well.

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Timing is everything. The cheap money has gone away and you are now seeing what’s left. New home construction is all that is left and that bubble has started to burst. General notarial work is your foundation.

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My signings are on a serious upswing now.

Here’s my latest query: I’m on Google, business, Yellow pages for 3 weeks now & just signed up for Yelp (which’ll start charging me Aug. 1st).
I’ve dropped off flyers at the public library, and at nursing homes, and more.

At this writing, I’ve NOT received one call for GNW.

What am I not doing?
Wide open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance,

I never got a lot of GNW and I did a LOT of advertising and marketing after I received my first notary commission. I visited nursing homes, hospitals, etc. but it just did not pay off. I believe most GNW work goes to retail stores like UPS shipping points, banks, etc. that offer notary services. I probably got the most business from Craigslist where I advertised in the Legal section but there are so many other notaries there that you really have to be a good and persuasive ad writer to attract clients. Lack of stead GNW is why I decided to get into loan signings which has been far more lucrative.

I am truly asking for clarification as I too am one of the “newbies” to Notary (hey that might make a great social group title) anyway I understood from my training that you couldn’t prefill any of the paperwork? If it’s allowable then heck yeah what a time saver!! My very first signing was over 350 pages. Is it a State-specific thing? I live in Texas.