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It’s Saturday night, September 10th and after 8 o’clock p.m. when my cell phone rings. The voice on the other side is that of a male who claims to be from Notary 123. He proceeds to ask me if I had a dual tray, laser printer. I said I did not, but did have both legal-sized paper and letter-sized paper. He said he only wanted a “yes or no” answer. The next question he asked me was how many Signings had I completed. I told him that he’d asked me a personal question and if he’d put it in writing, I’d respond to his inquiry. He said, “personal question?” and hung up! Has anyone ever received such a call?

Today I was doing a normal refi. When handing the borrower the Name affidavit, I tell him please review before signing and let me know if any of those names that came up for you are incorrect. He points out one on the list of four names display. I give his the instructions to draw a line through initial and write “Never know as” next to his initials. I get back to the office and as Im viewing and prepping for scanning I see the affidavit read " Never knows ass" I could not stop laughing for like 10 minutes. But then again I was tired.