Towards Improved & Prompt Service

Mobile notaries and signing agents provide invaluable convenience to people and this convenience is a commodity that can be variably valued by the notary & customer. So decide what you are worth !!

Umm, Nothing wrong in people giving you money. Especially after all the work is done and at the conclusion of the signing & as long as they are NOT expecting anything illegal as a return favor.
If you are not doing anything illegal, accepting good money or throwing it away is your personal choice.

TIPPING is the NORM is Some states. NYC especially. A closing agent is usually tipped upward of a few hundred dollars to as high as thousand or more, for a full days sitting at the table for very high value commercial signings. You could earn as high as $1000 for a full days work. NICE right !!

In my opinion: Go ahead and accept TIPS and feel good that someone appreciated & valued you service gave you monetary compensation

                Notes about tipping culture around the world

Tipping in Japan can be considered rude. Instead kind words,respect and oral appreciation of their work/ service is very valued.

Most restaurants in Singapore add a 10% service charge to the bill so a tip is not expected.

Earlier this year, pro golfer Matt Kuchar defended the $5,000 he paid his fill-in caddie after winning $1,296,000 at the Mayakoba Classic in Mexico, his first PGA tournament victory in four years. But on Friday, Kuchar issued a statement saying he’ll pay the rest of the $50,000 that caddie David Ortiz requested (after the golfer tried to back out of the promise & the caddie went on air and rejected the $5000. The caddie was not going to get screwed).

Some waiters and bar tenders in high end Las Vegas restaurants / high roller gaming rooms make 1/4 of a mill every year as tips.

So should a notary say “TIPS Appreciated”

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I don’t think so. But, if offered…why not? Tho’ I’ve never had that experience. :disappointed:

Some of my clients include within their Notary Instructions the following: Even if a gratuity, general item, or $$ is offered, it’s expected that the Signing Agent will not accept it.

When offered during my Signing Agent appointments, I simply decline gracefully and express my appreciation for their kind words. I do let them know that the Title Company would also value feedback regarding their experience. :slight_smile:

We are contractors, This is very anti capitalistic thing to say, to dictate what you can make and what you cannot. When they exercise this level of control, they it becomes employee/ employer relationship as all aspects of your work is controlled by your manager ( Signing service)

Don’t let someone feel you are less worthy. It is none of their f*****^^^ng business of the signing service to say you cannot accept tips. " Declining gracefully " now that’s your prerogative

Title companies really don’t care about letters of praise… They are so busy that your letter of praise is hardly read and forgotten in few seconds and there is no loyalty. Do you know how many files come in a day, they gotta settle and cut checks, mail them , record docs… A lot goes on in successfully closing the file and your letter of praise is hardly on the agenda. This is just empty words.

You want stars, I will give you 5 stars for your politeness and innocense.