Accounting Software

Ok everyone. Ive been researching different accounting software since it is tax season. With that said, I think I am going to go with Notary Gadget and Quickbooks. My wife and I have a nationwide signing service and we also do local notary work. So, I am looking at NG for tracking the notarial acts and other things that are non taxable. We dont need the other stuff since both Signing Order and Snapdocs does pretty much everything else. I want to use Quickbooks so that it can integrate with our business bank account and keep track of our business finances. With all that said, is anyone else in a similar situation? Am I over thinking this? Thanks for the advice in advance.

I personally dont pay for any of those things. Im a very organized OCD person so i built excel sheets to help me. One for debits, one for credits, one for mileage. Build in a category column (for schedule C use) so when tax time comes i highlight the whole sheet and sort all my data by column. Understandable that some people dont want to take the time to do this but im a stay at home Grandma and go do signings when i dont have the kids here so its no big deal for me to take the extra time out of my day. If someone has the mindset ro keep up with it, the task really only takes me a few minutes of my time a couple days a week.

I personally use Notary Gadget, it allows me to keep track of miles, customer info, Signing Companies and the work they are giving me and expenses. Also it is good to have during tax season.