Accredited Notary Services.....who are they?!

I got a text message “You are subscribed to Accredited Notary Services NSA Job Alerts”… I have NOT made ANY changes to companies I already work with…so I have no idea of this company. Do you?

Then I get a email and a text from ANS…informing me of a potential signing…and when I went to the link…it listed NOTARY DASH as the company giving the order.
…I didn’t take the order…I’ve read only Negative comments about Notary Dash here in the Forum but I like to know who is ANS??
…I don’t know if there is a connection…but just last week or two ago…I did my yearly Certified Signing Agent exam and background through the NNA…is there a connection?
Any thoughts?

Hard to tell…Notary Dash seems to be a Directory which just happens to be owned by an SS that seems to have many different names…or something equally confusing/obscure.